10 Great Marketing Ideas for Flyers

Although we are now well and truly in the digital age, flyers remain one of the most effective marketing tools a company can utilise. Flyers can be used in a multitude of ways, and can serve as a fundamental snapshot of what it is your brand, product or service is all about. If used correctly, it can increase your conversions, ignite your brand awareness and propel you ahead of your competitors.

Flyers must be easy enough for almost anyone to read, and must communicate your message to your target audience succinctly and effectively. Complicated language and poor design choices are just some of the ways that you can conjure up a negative impression of your brand in a matter of moments.

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1. Use Captivating Imagery
People are naturally attracted to powerful, striking images. Ensure that your flyers capitalise on this to attract initial attention. It is important that the imagery is relevant to your niche, and makes sense with the information you are trying to communicate.

2. Create A Snapshot
Flyers are intended to be a succinct summary of your product or services. Conveying your message to your customer clearly will give them enough information to encourage further investigation.

3. Remove Barriers
The most significant barrier that your customer is likely to encounter is the price of your product or service. Including your pricing will empower the lead to decide on their own whether you are what you say you are, and if you are providing value for money. You can also sweeten the deal by offering a discount. The better the discount, the more likely you will turn that lead into a conversion.

4. Make It Memorable
Headlines that catch the eye will help to encourage people to read through the flyers they have received from you. Try to make it funny, unusual, or memorable in a positive way so that it can be recollected in the customer’s subconscious mind that you have a solution to their problem.

5. Use Testimonials
Since people are naturally influenced by other people, endorsements about your offerings will increase their credibility in the minds of your customers. Have you ever wondered why there are so many testimonials on movie trailers, or on the books that you buy? Simply put, it works.

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6. Organise Your Information
People typically pigeonhole the information they process. Help your customers retain as much information as possible by assisting them in the procedure. Use defined boxes to highlight specific points, or separate blocks of information into different coloured areas. Bullet points or numbered lists work equally as well for this design element also.

7. Eliminate the Competition
Comparing and contrasting between providers of similar products or services helps to show people the true value of what it is you are offering. This assists your leads to see your benefits and allows them to become comfortable with making an investment.

8. Proofread Your Content
Even the best and most renowned writers in the world have proofreaders to review their work. After all, it is incredibly easy to make a mistake. Perfect grammar and spelling are critical to generating a flawless first impression.

9. Include Your Logo
Flyers are an exceptional means of creating brand awareness, so it is a no-brainer to include your logo. It does not necessarily need to be front and center, but it should stand out so that it can be noticed.

10. Include Contact Information
Last but not least, make it easy for people to contact you by including your email address, website, or phone number so people can contact you in their preferred way. If you are active on social media platforms, make sure to include this information too.

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