10 Random Ways To Be Kind At Work

From an ongoing pandemic and natural disasters to loss of jobs and a heightened feeling of anxiety, last year was not very kind to most of us. Therefore, on this Random Act Of Kindness day, it is more important than ever to make the conscious choice to be kind.

We are all fighting battles that don’t leave physical scars. Yes, this includes our co-workers too. Research shows that being kind is excellent for our overall wellbeing. It also triggers neurological responses that help our brain to be more resilient to face our own struggles. So whether you want to wipe out negativity from your place of work, make someone smile or just build your kindness muscle, these ten tips are just what you need. 

1. Share links

If you find an article about something you know a teammate finds interesting, send it to them. This can be anything like a book, a TV series or a non-work-related topic they’re passionate about. This will help them feel seen and valued.

2. Acknowledge messages

Working remotely is hard for everyone. You aren’t in a co-located office anymore, and you miss all of those serendipitous moments of interaction. Hence, it is always important to acknowledge chat messages when you receive them. Nobody likes to feel like they’re talking into a void. So whether it’s an email or chat message, make sure to acknowledge it.

3. Ask how your colleagues actually are

Check in with your co-workers from time to time. You can do this with a simple “How are you?” or by scheduling time with team members to catch up informally. Coffee catchups, happy hours and trivia nights are great ways to bond with your team. Informal thoughtfulness can mean a lot to someone who might be struggling at work.

4. Smile

Never underestimate the power of your smile – both at work and in your daily life. If you’re back in the office, smile and say hello to your colleagues when you walk through the office. If you’re a remote worker, send out a message on your company chat or an email with a subject that reads “Hi! Here’s Your Smile For Today” with a GIF or a meme.

5. Compliment with sincerity

All of us love to receive compliments, but we sometimes forget that they’re nice to give too. The next time a team member performs well in a presentation has a fantastic idea or wraps up a massive project, send them an email or a message to convey your appreciation. Remember, whatever you do or say, do it with complete sincerity.

6. Recommend someone you enjoy working with

Layoffs have become inevitable for some companies of late. In an era like this, your recommendations are more valuable than you think. Whether or not you believe a co-worker’s job is in danger, surprise them by writing them a LinkedIn recommendation.

7. Remember your manners

It can be pretty easy to forget saying “Please” and “Thank you” in this world of busy remote work. Small gestures build positivity in any team. It doesn’t matter if the favours are small or big. A “Please” and a “Thank You” will go a long way!

8. Frame criticism in a kind way

We all have moments where we want to criticise someone. Instead of doing so in a moment of frustration, write it down in an email to yourself. Hit send, wait for 15 minutes and then read it. Now that you have cooled down, analyse your tone. Even if you think your tone is too harsh, cooling down will allow you to think of a better and kinder way to say it.

9. Offer to take a task off a colleague’s list

We all have some busy days and some days that aren’t. If you find yourself with some spare time, ask a colleague if they need help with something. It’s hard to gauge if someone is struggling to meet deadlines in a remote environment, so they will really appreciate the help.

10. Celebrate special events

The past year has been full of challenges. With people losing jobs, battling an economic crisis and of course, surviving a pandemic, it is easy for us to experience Pandemic Fatigue and forget to celebrate special events. Take time to celebrate birthdays, milestones and just random fun days. Remembering your colleagues’ special days is a simple yet powerful way to promote inclusivity among remote teams.

Codex is delighted to be once again recognised as a Great Place to Work, amidst what has been a challenging year for all Irish businesses. This makes us even more proud of our happy culture. Here are a few stories of our team members that we’d like to share with you, take a look.