10 Ways to Boost Your Happiness in the Next 5 Minutes

A bad day at work, a broken coffee machine or intolerable weather – sometimes things don’t go our way and building that happiness muscle seems more challenging than ever. While some factors that affect our happiness are out of our control, there are always some sweet ways to amp up the good vibes.

These 10 “happiness hacks” not only do a great job at turning your ‘blah’ day around but also take less than 5 minutes to do! Big claim, but trust us – they work!

1. Three Good Things 

Write down three positive events that have happened during your day. Try not to write down events that you’re generally grateful for. For e.g., I am alive; I have food to eat, etc. Be specific about the three things you write down and you will see how you feel grateful, optimistic and less stressed instantly.

2. Get moving

It can be surprising how moving around or getting some fresh air can give you a whole new perspective. When we exercise, our body releases some pretty awesome feel-good endorphins. Do some jumping jacks or practice some yoga by the window for an instant mood-lift that is great for your body and great for your mind!

3. Freshen up

It is a well-known fact that we tend to feel better when we’re dressed well. So get up, take a nice shower, put on some fresh, clean clothes. You could also make a statement with your favourite shirt, necklace or shades to turn your day around!

4. Treat yourself to something healthy

A boost of nutrients is crucial for your body to feel great. We’re talking veggies, fruits, seeds and even some dark chocolate! In addition to this, do not forget to hydrate and take your vitamins daily!

5. Pay it forward

One of the best ways to make yourself feel great and increase your sense of purpose is to do something for someone else. You could send flowers to a loved one, make a donation to your favourite charity or choose one of these 10 random ways you can make a co-worker smile!

6. Strike something off your to-do list

Tackle that one arduous task you have been putting off for ages. Whether it is getting your overflowing inbox under control or just decluttering your office desk drawer, doing this one task will give you an instant sigh of relief.

7. Learn something new online

Whether it is reading an article or watching a video about a topic that interests you, there are so many things you can do online to increase your knowledge in a couple of minutes. If you have learnt something new recently, you can use these 5 minutes to practice it!

8. Read something

Whether it is your favourite magazine, comic book or your go-to blog, taking a few minutes to catch up on some reading will provide you with a burst of energy that is positive. Plus, as we mentioned in #7, you might even learn something new!

9. Straighten up

Did you know that our posture is directly linked to how we feel? Studies show that a poor posture can lead to lower self-esteem and energy levels, while a straight posture makes us more confident and alert. So breathe deep and straighten up.

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10. Green to the rescue

Green symbolises nature. Therefore, exposing yourself to the colour green can create a sense of calm, tranquillity and happiness. You can water your plants, step outside into nature or even put on your favourite green sweater. Try it out, and you’ll see a difference in your mood instantly!