4 Products You Can Buy From Us If You’re Left-Handed

Here’s a fun fact for you: Research suggests that about 10-12% of the world is left-handed. This means that we live in a world that is primarily designed for right-handers, making it challenging for lefties to do specific tasks, especially at work. It can be a bumpy ride if you’re in the market searching for left-handed office supplies, tech items or even furniture. 

But we’ve got you covered. This International Left Hander’s Day, we’ve made a list of the products you can buy from us if you’re left-handed. These products are ergonomically sound, come in various options and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If you’re a remote worker, investing in a separate keyboard is a must. However, most of the keyboards available in the market are designed with the numeric keyboard on the right side. Unlike standard keyboards, left-handed keyboards reposition the placement of the keypad and arrow keys to the left side of the keyboard. This allows the user to use their dominant hand on the keypad, making a smoother and more efficient experience. Keyboards designed for left-handed users are more ergonomic as they eliminate reaching and allow a better mousing position.

The Accuratus Left Handed USB Keyboard is an excellent keyboard for lefties. It has a complete left-handed key layout (UK) with full-height keys contoured to offer excellent and tactile touch typing. As an added feature, the user can easily program the keyboard without any additional software, allowing for shortcuts, learning prompts and Macros.


Finding a left-handed mouse should be as easy as finding a good right-handed mouse, yet left-handed people have a startlingly small pool to choose from. However, this does not mean you have to settle for a right-handed option and configure it to suit you. At Codex, we have a wide range of left-handed and ambidextrous mice that are ergonomically designed and are tailor-made made for you

A great mouse to consider is the Logitech G903. This high-quality wireless mouse is an outstanding choice for lefties. It features 1 ms LIGHTSPEED wireless and G903 delivers competition-grade performance and accuracy. It has 11 programmable buttons, excellent battery life and an option to use it as a wired mouse!

You can also check our full range of mouse mats here.


If you write with your left hand, you may have felt like you’re living in a right-handed world, with most office stationery only catering to right-handers. Using everyday office supplies like scissors and pens may be a frustrating experience for you at work, but not with our left-handed office supplies. 

If you are left-handed, you have probably tried to cut things with a right-handed pair of scissors, and it can be tough to do so. Our scissors are custom-designed for lefties with reversed blades so that you can see what you’re cutting. Reversed blades work excellently with the left-handed cutting motion, making it easier and quicker for you to cut things without having to hold the scissors at odd angles. 

Another challenge LH people face is staining their hands while writing. With our Pilot Fineliner Pens, this problem will be a thing of the past. These Pilot Fineliner Pens offer a strong, hard plastic tip for a precise 0.4mm line. It also has a long-lasting durability nib that won’t break or split. Pilot’s fast-drying ink reduces the risk of smudged ink, making it an excellent choice for left-handed writers.


Office desks, in particular, are primarily geared towards right-handers. At Codex, we offer you office desks that aid ergonomic positioning and are designed for left-handers. The First Radial Left Hand Desk is a very good option for your home office or a traditional office. It features a strong cantilever frame with additional desktop space. What’s more, it also comes with dual 62mm cable management ports to keep your workspace tidy and free from wires. The desk includes a modesty panel as standard and is suitable for use with First Under Desk Pedestals.

We carry many styles and finishes of this desk, so take a look here.

There is nothing quite like personal advice for your workspace, especially if you’re left-handed. Our partners at Spectrum Optimise have expert physiotherapists or DSE assessors who will make sure your set-up is perfect for a left-hander while recommending any equipment that could help. Learn more and book an appointment here.