4 Tips to Prepare For Your Time Off This Christmas

The holidays are around the corner!

Too often, our holidays are plagued by work distractions, email checks that go on for hours and the additional stress of work piling up. If you’re in need of some tips to help you tie up some loose ends before you disconnect from work, we have you covered. In this article, we give you four specific tips that can be a lifesaver when preparing for your time off this Christmas!

Tip #1 – Start a few weeks prior

It is hard to truly disconnect from work if you have many projects running at full speed and then you have to leave for two weeks abruptly. The best way to prepare for your time off is to prepare a couple of weeks in advance. Plan your schedule carefully. Make a to-do list that has the must-do activities (high priority), along with the would-like-to-do activities (low priority). Then block out time to complete the must-do items. Remember to complete these items a week before your departure, so you still have time for last-minute tasks. 

Tip #2 – Clear Out Your Inbox

In the weeks leading up to your leave, try and tackle your inbox. Go through all of your emails, delete emails that are no longer relevant and unsubscribe from ones you are no longer interested in. The next step is to create folders for important ones. Remember the ‘Read, file, delete’ rule. When you get an email, read it, file it if it’s essential and delete it if it’s not. Once you are back to work, you will most likely be knee-deep in emails. Having a system in place will make it easier to sift through the new messages. 

Here are 13 tips on how you can clean out and organise your emails, so make sure to give it a read. 

Tip #3 – Leave your workspace spotless

This one may sound like it isn’t important, but trust us, it is. Here’s why.

If you’re back in the office, your company may try to rearrange your workspaceCleaning up your desk will allow them to easily rearrange the office space without misplacing any of your important documents or devices. If you’re a remote worker, cleaning your home office will allow you to switch off completely. When you’re back to work in January, you will be able to hit the ground running without having to declutter first. 

Tip #4 – Don’t sweat it

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you cannot get everything done before leaving. Just following the steps above will ensure a smooth time off.  

Disconnecting from work during our time off can make us feel excellent in terms of our physical and mental health. However, emergencies happen. If you do find yourself having to check in with work while you’re away for the holidays, set limits. For example, you could spend 20 minutes every morning on work and then put your laptop away for the whole day.  

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