5 Actionable Ways to Make Your Office More Inviting

As the workforce starts making its return back to the office, as an employer, you may have wondered what you can do to make the office more inviting. From taking precautions against COVID-19 to making your employees feel valued, here are five actionable ways to make your workplace safe, enjoyable and inviting. 

1. Keep your employees safe

The first step in making your office more inviting is ensuring that it is safe for employees to work and interact in. Controlling the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is imperative, and employers must pay close attention to the changing guidelines and practices to keep workers safe.

Prepare your business with solutions such as physical distancing, sanitisation stations and proper cleaning protocols. Depending on the space you have available, you may also need to reconfigure your workplace to maintain an appropriate distance between workers or between workers and customers. Ensure your workers are provided with proper hand hygiene supplies and remind them of effective personal hygiene practices by adding signage in high-traffic areas. 

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2. Show them you care

Emphasising the importance of employees’ work, getting to know them and treating them with respect are potent ways of showing your team you care. This will increase morale and create a positive work culture that will make your team happier and productive when they return to the office. You can also opt for branded corporate gifts to acknowledge accomplishments. Take your time to make the best gifts for your employees. Pay attention to the messaging, quality and allow enough time for delivery. 

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3. Make Work/Life Balance a Priority

The pandemic fundamentally changed how we work. And as businesses start to reopen, employees will have to readapt to working from the office. This is where the concept of work/life balance comes into play. Offer perks like WFH Fridays, childcare options, wellness days and vacation days to show your employees that you recognise that their life outside of work is just as important. If your line of work is fast-paced, consider mandating breaks for your team.

4. Provide ergonomic furniture

Ergonomics is all about making your work environment safe and comfortable to avoid stress, injuries and other factors affecting your overall health. An uncomfortable workspace can drastically affect employee performance. For example, if you’re sitting on a chair that’s not helping your posture, you may not be able to concentrate on work because of the discomfort. As an employer, making sure your employees work safely in the office (and at home) is a legal requirement. Provide your employees with an ergonomic chaira desk and a monitor/laptop riser to begin with. You can also book your employees for a workstation assessment or a DSE assessment to help them work safely.

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5. Make your workspace more collaborative

Workplaces all over the globe are leaning towards making their workspaces more collaborative. But what is a collaborative workspace? In simple terms, it is an office space that is designed for collaboration. It encourages productivity, socialising and meeting people. A truly collaborative workspace is so much more than bringing work desks closer. Employers need to provide ample space for collaboration to take place. 

Equip your conference room with simple things like whiteboards and projectors. Pay attention to lighting, acoustics and easily movable furniture to ensure your employees are comfortable. 

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