5 Benefits of Promotional Materials for Small Businesses

If you’re considering investing in promotional materials for your small business, you already know how valuable this marketing technique can be. Perhaps you’re planning on giving some low cost items to potential customers or maybe some higher value promotional items for a raffle – there’s a number of distribution tactics that could work for you.

Benefits of promotional materials

Codex can help you decide what options are best for you, but first here’s five more reasons that promotional materials for small businesses are a must use tactic for your company.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of products printed with your branding and contact information is that they’re not business cards. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with business cards, but if poorly designed they tend to be forgettable and easily misplaced. Something less likely or more useful such as a pen, mug, or umbrella makes a bigger impact and won’t get lost down the back of the break room sofa. If you choose something particularly unusual your item might become a conversation piece, and that’s the kind of brand recognition booster that’s hard to buy.

Long Lasting

The impact of this marketing tactic is long lasting. If the promotional item is related to your business in a witty way then the benefits are even greater – if you’re a coffee distributor who gives mugs to loyal customers or a salon who gives product samples in branded bottles, for example. Perhaps you could tie the giveaway product to an event, thereby increasing the chances of it being kept as a keepsake.

Wide Reach

Useful or attractive items can exist in homes and offices for years, constantly exposing new people to your information. They might even be passed around (pens) or become a walking advertisement for your brand (clothing and umbrellas). They’re tactile, memorable, and a welcome change from conventional marketing paraphernalia. Recurring exposure without recurring expense is invaluable in the pricey and fast paced advertising world.

Low Cost

Compared to bigger traditional advertising platforms like TV and radio, promotional materials are a low cost option. With a long lasting impact and potential to represent your brand in a tangible way, this method offers a high reward with relatively low output. Brand recognition is reinforced every time the product is used, similar to offline pay-per-click advertising! All marketing is an investment, but this could also be a way to say thanks to your loyal customers. Printed items are a low cost way to add variety to your marketing portfolio and enrich your customer’s experience.


Even if they don’t cost the Earth, promotional materials give consumers the impression that you’re professional, that you care, and that you can afford to care. Caring enough to give a little extra to your customers makes a big difference to how you are perceived. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and you want the word on the street to be that your company is generous and thoughtful. Give something back and customers will be drawn back to you.

We offer a variety of quality promotional materials for all budgets and can guarantee quality, professionalism, and a wealth of experience. Visit our website for more information on the gifts, stationery, clothing, and more that we can offer you as expertly printed promotional materials. Get in touch with Codex today for a personalised quote for your business, or if you just need some advice on print solutions, we’d be happy to help.