5 benefits of promotional clothing for your business

Promotional clothing for your business

To celebrate the launch of our corporate casuals range, we have done our research on the benefits of getting your brand & logo on some trendy promotional clothing. If you want your business to stand out you have got to be noticed. One of the best ways for a business to become recognised is to have their brand under the public’s nose. Apart from buying up acres of media real estate, there is another way to get your brand front and centre, get people to wear it. Yes, that’s right, emblazon it on an everyday essential; clothes.

Promotional clothing is the perfect way to excite interest in your brand, check out the top 5 benefits promotional clothing can bring your business.

1. Branded morale

A sense of purpose is what bonds a group of individuals into a team, we work towards completing goals working as a unit. Since a workforce is in it together, let’s make it official. Giving your employees company-branded clothes emblazoned with the logo shows them that they are part of a unit and a place where they are wanted and valued. Wearing the official gear of the company can become a source of pride and belonging.

Additionally, company branded apparel can be used as a reward for the recognition of a standout employee’s hard work. The creation of a competitive spirit in the workplace can increase productivity and let the workforce stars shine.

2. Create a buzz

promotional clothing

Fleeces are a comfortable choice for your logo & brand.

With everything, just a google search away from being identified, it’s never been easier for a brand to get recognised and stuck in a person’s mind.


What you need to do is, get your company name with a catchy tagline on some trendy clothes for people to wear. It’s important that you don’t just slap your logo and tagline on any piece of clothing, it has to be relevant to your business.


Hoodies, t-shirts and polos are comfortable and trendy choices for your brand but a hoodie wouldn’t be a very fitting item for a financial group to promote their name, jackets and even umbrellas would be a sound investment. A rule of thumb should be to create branded workwear that someone would actually want to wear.  Get your brand on a suitable apparel and the buzz will start rolling.

3. Be recognised at events 

Exhibiting and even sponsoring events are a great way to get your company’s name out there. Usually, at events a business will have a designated stand that can be branded accordingly. Why not go the extra mile and get your team showcasing the company literally on their sleeves?

Adding your company logo nad tagline are a must for promotionla clothing.

Add your logo and a catchy tagline and you’re ready to go.

Your team proudly wearing the logo sends out a clear message to those you are exhibiting to; these guys have it together. Your crew will be clearly will be recognised as apart of your brand everywhere they go and attendees will gravitate towards them to network, don’t forget to have the same items the team are wearing to hand out as freebies to prospective clients and admirers! 

4. Customer advertising

Creating trendy branded apparel can turn your customers into a walking talking billboard. Making it something they love to wear everyday and everywhere will turn them into a brand ambassador. If you think about where the average person goes during the day and who they meet, your brand is getting exposure to every person and place they are seen. Think about it this way, minus the cost of creating the item someone rocking your brand around is essentially free advertising. 

5. The ultimate giveaway

Corporate gifts can be a great way of fostering relationships with clients, and let’s be honest everyone loves a gift! Giveaways are handed out, so your company will be remembered. Since clothes are essential items that everyone needs and that’s what makes them the perfect gift. Remember if your exhibiting at an event bring enough freebies for the delegates to take home!

Promotional clothing is for everyone

No matter what industry you are in, promotional clothing is a no-brainer to get your brand out there. If possible get your brand colours but black and navy are old reliables that work well for any logo, make sure you choose the very best quality material as you want people to have nothing but good feelings while wearing your brand on their skin. For all your promotional clothing needs we’ve got you covered, click below to see our fantastic full range of corporate casuals to get started. 

Hoodies are a great promotional clothing choice to showcase your brand.