5 Office Design Tips For A Better Workspace

As a business owner, you devote time and money contemplating who to employ and how to grow your business. Often disregarded as a throwaway expense is the physical aspect of building your workspace. A new office design is a substantial investment, but it will empower you to transform your workspace into a more productive environment. After all, if you and your employees are going to spend so much time there, you should be able to collaborate, innovate and produce to the best of your abilities. Here are five office design ideas you can use to create a more effective office.

  1. Plan

Initially a new office design or fit out can seem incredibly daunting. Before getting carried away with the design itself, set aside some time to reflect on the needs of your business and your employees so you can begin to piece together the various components of your plan. It is important to ensure a healthy balance between communal and individual space, as well as room for expansion if required.

  1. Light

Your next port of call will be light. Natural light keeps your employees happier, much more on-the-ball, and more productive. Avoid overhead lighting so you can reduce the glare and save some cash too. Go for flexible task lighting, and use windows, skylights, and glass divisions to make the most of the sun.

  1. Colour

When it comes to colour, neutrality and blandness is often regarded as the safe option. Introducing new colours is an excellent way to rejuvenate your workspace – so why not dare to be different and choose an inspirational yellow or captivating blue to get the best out of your employees? Displaying some artwork that communicates your company ethos and vision can also add to the atmosphere of your workspace.

  1. Breathing Space

Next on the list is breathing space. Try to strike a balance between your desire to maximise collaboration, and the need to ensure adequate breathing space for your employees. Give them enough room to move and feel comfortable around their own workstation. It goes without saying that a cluttered office leads to a cluttered mind, so invest in suitable office storage products such as filing cabinets, bookcases, shelving and storage units.

  1. Branding

Another overlooked aspect of office interior design is branding. You invest a lot of time and money into designing the best possible website and business cards – so why not replicate your brand identity in your office? Set aside some time to consider colours, artwork, posters and other decorations that will fit in with your brand and add make a positive contribution to your new office design. This should especially be the case for reception area, as it is the first and last area your customer will see. First impressions are incredibly important, so it is worth investing some effort here to depict your company’s personality.

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