6 ways to effectively work from home during the Coronavirus outbreak

Over the past week, we have seen large numbers of companies here in Ireland and around the world requesting that their employees work from home due to the outbreak of the CoronaVirus. Where possible, allowing your team to work from home is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of this virus and ensures your worker’s health is not compromised by coming into the office. Over the next couple of weeks, we will see a significant increase in the number of people working from home which is why our team here at Codex have pulled together a list of ways to help you stay productive while settling into your new workspace environment at home. 

1. Stick with your morning routine

Waking up and getting dressed as though you are leaving for work will help you kickstart your day. Grab your coffee, catch up on what’s happening in the news and sit at your desk, kitchen table or wherever it is that you set up your new dedicated workspace at home. This will allow you to begin your day’s work like any other day. Sticking to your morning routine is so important and will allow you to feel as though nothing has changed. 

2. Set your workspace up for success

A recent survey carried out by CoSo showed that 77% of people who worked from home were more productive. With that in mind, you might find yourself working from home for an extended period over the next couple of weeks, which is why creating your personal workspace is so important. This space should be somewhere that is relatively quiet and has all the resources you need to get your job done and feel organised. Recent research from TalentLMS found that 31% of people who worked from home did so from a dedicated space or home office while only 23% were found to work from their kitchen or dining area, showing the importance of a dedicated space. If you don’t yet have an office setup in your home and are wondering where to get started, we have compiled a list of all the office essentials you will need to transform your space into a productive remote working environment.

3. Engage and communicate  

One of the best ways to ensure you stay focused and motivated is by staying connected to your team and managers. Communicating as normal using different methods is key when trying to keep things as normal as possible. Set some-time aside each day to organise video conferencing calls with your colleagues. Discuss work and projects as though you were in the office and use helpful tools like Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business or Slack to bring your team together. This will create transparency and ensure everyone still feels together and involved.

4. Take breaks

Working from home should be no different from being at the office when it comes to taking breaks. Plan your day the night before and ensure you take some downtime along with short tea/coffee breaks. It is always good to get up and away from your desk from time to time. This will get the blood flowing and help you refocus your mind. Why not go out into the garden for a walk and get some much-needed fresh air or go for a quick 10-minute stroll down the street. This will also remind you that you are not alone or as isolated as you might think during this time of social distancing.

5. Make sure you switch off

Transitioning from work to home life can be tricky sometimes, it can be especially difficult when you work from home. According to Buffer, over 22% of employees who work from home report that unplugging after work is their biggest challenge. We suggest that you tidy away all your work materials and shut down your computer as you would any other day at the office and settle back into normal home life. If you have some free time where you would normally be commuting home, why not do a little yoga, listen to a podcast or catch up on the news, this will help you switch your mindset over from work-life mode to home-life mode a little easier. 

6. Stay Positive 

When the dynamic of any workplace is disrupted it can be a little daunting at first. But, with so many people around the country embracing the challenge of working from home for the first time, it is so important to remember that you are not alone. Try your best to stay positive and look to your colleagues and managers, for guidance, support and inspiration. Being apart is tough, so when chatting with colleagues, do your best to engage and interact just like you would any other day during face-to-face meetings in the office. Be as patient and positive as you can during this challenging time, because at the end of the day, we are all in this together.