Here’s Why You Should be Investing in a Separate Keyboard and Mouse

Laptops are great! They are compact, convenient and easy to use. But if you’ve been working from home this past year with a laptop as your primary machine, you know how difficult it can be to work for 8 hours on this device every single day. Especially so, if you don’t use an extended keyboard and mouse to go with it. With remote work seeming more permanent by the day, if there is a good time to invest in your go-to pieces of home office essentials, it is now. A keyboard and mouse? Are these devices really that important? Yes,… Read more »

8 Smart Ways to Minimise Your Digital Clutter

Most of our lives are digital today, and it is great because it helps keep physical clutter at bay. But over time, we may get to a point where we’ve increased our digital clutter so much, that it causes us to become overwhelmed. Research backs us when we say that digital clutter induces just as much anxiety as a messy workspace. So this National Clean Your Virtual Desktop day, we have put together eight digital areas of your computer you need to clean out.  Yes, it may take some time, but the benefits far outweigh the time invested. It’s our guarantee!  📧… Read more »