4 Effective Techniques To Manage Your Time

History has shown that the most successful people all had different times at which they were at their productive best. Winston Churchill worked late into the night, and Toni Morrisson began working before dawn. This shows us that there is no one size fits all schedule for maximum productivity. No magical time management technique that will allow you to stay productive every single minute of the day. We are all born different and have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to time management.  With most of us working remotely, you might be looking for the best time management techniques out there… Read more »

How to be Sustainable While Working from Home

Working from home not only gives employees more flexibility but also has a ton of sustainability benefits. Remote workers are already at an advantage because they usually have smaller carbon footprints than office workers. If you’re a remote worker, you might think this means we have our eco box ticked. But it is important to remember that the carbon footprint of businesses hasn’t reduced, it has merely been transferred to millions of individual homes. So how does one adopt sustainable practices while working remotely without breaking the bank? Below are our top 6 tips to reduce your impact on the… Read more »

Top 7 Tech Gadgets For Your Home Office

Working from home can be quite an uphill task, but with the right technology by your side, this can be one of the best experiences of your work life. Technology makes things easier, saves time and is an efficient way to stay connected. This National Technology Day, we have compiled this handy list of the best WFH tech to furnish your home office with. These gadgets will help you stay productive and enjoy what remote working has to offer – 1. Headphones While the work from home life gives us the flexibility to pump up the volume on our speakers,… Read more »