10 Tips to Help Your Business Safely Return to Work

With the Governments all over the globe lifting lockdown regulations, it is important for businessed to have a Return to Work strategy. We bring you 10 tips that will help you put this strategy in place for your workplace.

Breakout Area: An Essential Part of the Modern Office

Breakout Breakdown  When you think of an office many ideas and visuals come to the mind, tightly stacked cubicles on an open plan floor, desks with tall stacks of paper and the hunched frame of a worker clacking away at his/her keyboard. Does this sound like a relaxed environment? We don’t think so! At Codex we don’t just supply and outfit offices we aspire to make a workplace the best place a person can be. That’s why we want to talk about what your office could be missing: the breakout area. Take a look at our quick-fire breakdown to summarise the… Read more »

5 Key Office Interiors and Design Trends in 2017

Office interior design trends are continuously evolving, in 2017 big theme are employee engagement, well-being and optimized work environment for enhanced productivity. Companies must keep in mind to create a place where employees are able to work, collaborate and communicate with ease, this is a crucial aspect to consider in the short and long term. Today’s workplace is being redefined by a variety of factors including advanced technologies, a flexible workforce and innovative trends that influence office design. We have compiled 5 of these essential trends that should make your office design priorities list.   1 Office interiors should represent your… Read more »

3 Tips To Choosing The Right Office Fit Out Company

If you’ve decided to hire an office fit out company, you’ve probably got together a loose budget of what kind of money you’d like to spend. In some cases, you might have a fairly substantial one, and in others, you might be trying to get your office revamped on a much smaller scale. Either way, you don’t want to see a penny wasted. A key item that you should pay attention to on your office fit out check list, is getting together the right team. When you work with experienced people who you can trust, you can be assured that… Read more »

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A New Office Location

Relocating offices isn’t much different to moving house. When you’re faced with the prospect of a new office location you might feel equal parts cautious and excited. In front of you is a whole new world of things to consider. Everything from legalities to cost can make the idea seem off-putting, but when you consider all the potential benefits, it can be difficult to come up with a good reason to stay put. Once you’re committed to making the move, you get to ask the really fun question: Where is your new office going to be? To help answer it, let’s… Read more »

New: Office Fit Out Checklist

Organising an office fit out can sometimes seem like a monumental task. If you’re changing the design of your building there are electrics, fittings and general layout of the rooms to take into consideration, and all of that is before you even get to the furniture that’s required. It can be easy to lose track of one or two things along the way. Some people might get to the end of their office fit out after months of planning and realise that they forgot to include a nook in the kitchen for the brand new coffee machine. There’s no need… Read more »

Why The Modern Office Resembles A College Campus

When you try to picture an office from fifty years ago, you probably get an image of men in stuffy suits, seated at cluttered desks laid out in a regular pattern. Fast forward to the eighties and you’ll start to see a huge staff of workers, each locked away in their own drab cubicles. Nothing like the modern office interiors available now. Nowadays though, when you picture the leaders in innovation, the likes of Google and Apple spring to mind, places where the modern office environment is more of a playground for ideas than it is about meeting quotas. In… Read more »

3 Things Every Employee Wants From an Office Fit Out

In large part, your office fit out should have your employee’s comfort at the forefront of the design. While a good layout will certainly have productivity at the heart of it, you can’t deny that a staff member will do much better when they’re in a cheerful mood. Think about it. Every day they leave their homes, travel to the office, and spend the majority of their time there. As you can imagine a pleasant work environment makes all the difference. To help you understand how you can get the most out of your employees, it’s important to talk to… Read more »

How To Choose The Best Materials For Your Office Fit Out Project

You might think that choosing the best materials for your office fit out project is completely separate from the creative aspect of design. After all, you’ve spent weeks talking to your office interiors team about what kind of ambiance you’d like to create. It should just be a matter of ploughing ahead and getting the work done. There is a lot more to a good office fit project out than this though. When it comes to selecting the best materials for your environment, you need a team who’ll consider budget, appearance and suitability all at the one time. Check out… Read more »