Irish Government Ban on Single-Use Plastics

Single Use Plastics Ban The reign of single-use plastics is coming to an end. Irish Government departments, public bodies and schools will see a total reduction in single-use plastic items. This will include cutlery, straws, plastic cups and plates. Basically, all the government departments will be banned for using any single-use plastic items. This is a huge step for Ireland’s commitment to environmental responsibility as the plight of single-use plastic is painfully evident making up 70% of waste in oceans and beaches. The initiative is being spearheaded by the European Commission who proposed the ban which passed a European Parliment vote.   The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and… Read more »

The DePaul Raft Race against Homelessness

The DePaul Raft Race against Homelessness, now in its fourth year, is a fun loaded day out for all the family to enjoy. The highlight of the day is a series of races between teams of 4, on pre-made rafts, the triumphant team taking home the coveted Winners’ Cup! Codex as the event’s key sponsor, takes its responsibilities to the community very seriously by endorsing and pursuing a series of events that guarantee an enjoyable day for everyone and by getting involved in recreational activities among peers and friends. Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are planned to be inclusive for everyone and to have a lot… Read more »