Codex Goes Green with a Green Initiative

The rise of the Butterfly

The Codex Go Green Initiative

We hear a lot in the news about climate change and how we are not doing enough to help the environment and green initiative is a phrase that comes up a lot. SMEs could definitely do more to help out and Codex is going to help them do it. One area we started in is catering. We are only human and humans need to eat and drink so it seemed like the best place to start!

We have put together a range of catering products that are environmentally friendly. There are many wonderful products but the star of the show is the magnificent Butterfly Cup. We unveiled the cup at the annual iSME conference this year and took the event by storm, attendees were intrigued by its unique design and eco-friendly composition.

eco catering range

New Eco-Catering Range

Eco catering range

Our eco catering range covering everything a business could need to equip a canteen or event with an environmentally responsible range of catering disposables. Also covered are everyday utensils that we wouldn’t even think of as harmful waste like straws, paper straws are a relatively new addition to the mainstream of catering consumables.  The Eco-Friendly Product range covers everything you could need: from plates, cups, lunch boxes and cutlery that are all either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.   

The Butterfly Cup

 This is a truly a one of a kind item. It’s fully compostable meaning that it is composed of materials that will return itself back into the Earth and become apart of the eco-system. On top of its impressive green credentials, it has a unique anti-splash and drip design. You can sip away without fear of ruining your clothes with tea or coffee stains.

Benefits of  adopting a Green Initiative

The first and most obvious reason is being kind to the planet we live on and reducing your company’s carbon footprint.  An estimated 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. We can do our part by reducing our plastic usage where possible, and now with disposable catering products we can. Being a green business can also give your cusotmers and clients peace of mind that they are dealing with an environmentally responsible outfit, surely a green light for a future partnership!