Codex Launches New Range of Sustainable Products

As part of our core value of integrity at Codex, we place a lot of importance on our relationship with the earth. Since our inception, we have always sought to find ways that minimise our environmental impact. Recognising the nature of our industry, we are passionately committed to developing more sustainable products that contribute to a healthier planet. Our approach to sustainability is inextricably linked to our vision of a world where a healthy way of working is available to everyone, everywhere – irrespective of their line of work. This means that we’re constantly at work to not only make our organisation more sustainable but also to offer our customers a wide array of eco alternatives.

Earlier this month, we launched our Sustainable Products Range that we have been working on in the background. Our range of sustainable products includes over 2000 different items, with everything from recycled envelopes to biodegradable cleaning supplies. 

Whether you are looking to replace your everyday essentials with eco-friendly alternatives or just want to join hands with us in reducing our carbon footprint, here are our top 4 categories from our sustainable range: 


Whether you are a student or a working professional, the need for stationery in our daily lives simply cannot be debated. Stationery enables us to learn new things, practice things we already know and help us bring out our creativity. It’s true; it makes life convenient and easy. However, most stationery items are not made of eco-friendly materials and have a close end-date to them. This can cause us to keep buying more, contributing to a lot of toxic waste in the environment. Therefore, we have introduced eco-friendly stationery supplies that you can use and do your bit to show your care towards the planet. 

We stock a wide range of 100% recycled paper and notebooks for all your printing and journaling needs. For all those quick notes that you might want to take throughout your day, we also offer our customers 100% recycled sticky notes. If you are someone who loves a pop of colour in your workspace, make sure to check out our Rainbow Coloured 100% Recycled Post-it Notes

No work or study desk can be complete without a pen that writes smoothly and a pencil to doodle. The Bic Ecolutions Clic Stick is our favourite retractable pen that is made from 62% recycled material. If you are like us and you love everything neat and tidy, check out our sustainable correction tapes here!


Sustainable packaging is gaining momentum and with good reason. More and more people are aware of how packaging can negatively affect the planet and choose to opt for more eco-friendly options wherever possible. In our range of sustainable mailing solutions, you will find innovative products that help you (or your business) mail and package your products in a way that reduces your impact on the environment. 

Chief among these mailing supplies are our paper-based eco-friendly envelopes. They are 100% recycled and recyclable without sacrificing looks or shipping protection. We also have parcel labels, and buff strung tags made from materials sourced from well-managed FSC-certified forests. Made of fully recycled materials, our packing supplies proudly announce their eco-friendly construction. These supplies include bubble wrap, boxes and brown kraft paper, making them a great and safe addition to your packaging.

If you’re looking for sturdy storage boxes, the Q-Connect Strong Business Storage Box is excellent for long-term storage and archiving. It comes with a lid and cutout handles so that you can transport the box hassle-free. 


With the remote working life having crept up on us, problems of not having space to store work supplies in the home office are something most of us face. So if you’re looking to discover more storage while also keeping the planet in mind, we’ve got you.

Our sustainable storage and filing solutions include files, letter trays, pockets & dividers, document wallets and folders. All the items you need to store and file your important documents! 

Experts say that everything you need should be just an arm’s length away from you on your desk. But we also know that a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Therefore, we have added to our range some really great sustainable pen holders and pencil cups with multiple compartments so that you can store everything from your writing supplies, tapes and staplers without having to spend any time searching!


For most of us, sustainable choices start with small changes that we adopt. What better way to make these small changes than with cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly? Our range of sustainable cleaning supplies is great for the environment and works wonders in disinfecting and removing dirt and grime. From brooms and bins to heavy-duty surface and glass cleaners, we have everything you will need to maintain a space that is clean and germ-free. 

With all the cleaning we’ve been doing during the pandemic, we’re all in need of cleaning supplies that are efficient. Our cleaning fluids are the easiest way to kill germs on hard surfaces, like countertops and faucet handles. Keeping bathrooms as clean and efficient as possible is of utmost importance in this day and age, especially when companies decide to return to the office. And while paper rolls may not be the most eco-responsible cleaning choice, nothing can beat the convenience they offer. Our absorbent 2-ply toilet tissue is made from pure pulp for a more environmentally friendly washroom solution for your business. 

If you’re looking for some good dishwasher detergent options for your home office or your kitchenette when you go back to work, take a look at our washing up products here. 

While we have been in this industry for over 40 years, we will never stop learning and improving our sustainability efforts. You can browse our sustainable products here or get in touch with us [email protected] if you have any custom requests or have any queries you’d like answered. 

Did you know?

To further our sustainability efforts, we have developed an exciting partnership with Trees On The Land to support the Plant-a-Tree (PAT) initiative. Through this initiative, we plant a native Irish tree for every desk sold. Put simply, we fund the planting of a tree for every desk you buy from us. To date, we have planted over 11,000 native Irish Trees in and around Co. Cork — across small woodlands, coppices, orchards, hedgerows and reforestation projects.

We’d love for you to be part of this chapter with us. Buy one, and we’ll plant one. 🌱

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