Codex @ Momentum In The Aviva Stadium

We attended the Dublin chamber of commerce Momentum event in the Aviva stadium last Friday. The event was targeting Irish SME’s and provided some great insights in overcoming the challenges faced by Irish businesses. Codex were delighted to support such an event. Here at Codex we don’t shy away from our support of Irish SME’s and we will continue our support to not just the Irish SME sector but to Irish business in general.

Momentum is another great event held in Dublin that supports SME’s and the amount of these events taking place focusing on the small business sector shows how important it is to our economy having more and more of these small businesses opening and hiring people. The event organised by Dublin Chamber of Commerce was fantastic and very informative with some fantastic speakers on the day from the world of business, marketing and sport. We really look forward to this happening again in 2016!!

Codex@Momentum1                                                            Momentum 2