Company Canteen and your Staff’s Well Being

In these times we spend a considerable amount of time in the workplace something equivalent to about a third of our lives!  Meal times are now being constantly had on the go or at our desks. Many of us push aside time to sit down, eat and take a break opting instead to eat while working. Why is a company canteen so important? and what makes a great canteen? Let’s get to it!

Healthy eating at the company canteen

A big concern is that the food we hastily consume while busy is poor quality fast food and sweet & savoury snacks from vending machines. All this bad food can have a detrimental effect on workplace productivity, the brain needs good quality fuel to keep it at peak performance so your staff must eat well! Some people opt to skip lunch altogether which can be even worse as the person question is running on empty and will burn out. How can a company combat all this?

Healthy snacks for the office

Stock up your canteen with healthy snacks.

If you can provide your staff with a hot lunch in the canteen then all the better. If a canteen providing lunch is not an option then promoting a culture of healthy eating, encouraging your staff to eat well goes a long way, provide them with fresh fruit and nuts for snacking. FYI the office feeder bringing in the sweet treats is not helping. Try to nip that in the bud before it gets out of hand. Turn your canteen into the designated healthy food dispensary by keeping fresh fruit and nuts on display. 

Take a break  

It’s very important for everyone to take some time away from the workstation. A break for the computer screen is even more important, staring at a screen all day can cause eye strain and fatigue.  Working for long stretches of time without taking a break leads to stress, fatigue and a breakdown of morale. Choice of canteen furniture is important, the chairs should be comfortable yet also practical. It’s important to choose the right canteen furniture for the space you have available. If real estate is tight getting some round tables and stackable chairs would be good. If you have a large room then long tables and even benches are good options.

Maestro stack chair in large open spacious canteen

Maestro stackable chairs are great for canteens, check them out.

The social scene

Even in a building full of people, it can be hard to socialise, being glued to your desk and never taking breaks can make staff feel isolated. The canteen can be a great place for everyone to gather and get social. It doesn’t simply have to be a place for eating. It can function as a space to get away from the chaos & noise of the office floor. Many canteens act as a social gathering space where everyone can chat together.

The canteen can be a great social space

A canteen is not just a place to eat, it’s also a place to get social.

As the most suitable place in the building for being social workplace events of all types can be held in the canteen. From fundraisers to parties and informal meetings the canteen is the best place for it all. It is also an opportunity to get their branding front and centre. Make your space reflect your culture, not someone else’s. Incorporate your logo and colours into your design and brand out your canteen.

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