5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Corporate Gifts

By giving a gift to your clients or employees, no matter how big or small, you’re showing them that they are important to you. In doing so, you’re strengthening your relationship, a vital component of a successful business.

With the vast selection of gift ideas, choosing corporate gifts can become a complex task. Before you set out to find the perfect corporate gift for your clients or staff, it is crucial that you know the essentials of corporate gift buying.

rewarding your employees


1 Thinking from the receiver’s perspective

The best way to select a corporate gift would be to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and think from their perspective. Whether it is a client, a business partner or an employee you are selecting the gift for, think whether if you were any one of them, would you have loved the gift or not; this should simplify the decision for you.

2 Choose gifts that your recipients will use daily

If the aim of your corporate gifts campaign is to keep your name in the minds of your customers, choose items that you think will get a daily use. Some good examples are bags, mugs, useful desk gadgets or mobile telephone holders and writing materials.


3 Less is moregifts for employees

Give fewer, nicer gifts, not numerous cheap ones. This tip also calls to mind the fact that it is not necessary to give gifts to everyone. You’d be better off selecting a list of your best customers and closest business colleagues. It is far better to make a big impression with a smaller group of carefully chosen recipients, than a forgettable impression with many.


4 Taking cultural differences into account

Each company and culture will have their own rules for corporate gift buying. For instance, in China, a gift should never be wrapped in white since it symbolizes death. You must make sure that you are well aware of the gifting traditions of the company or state your client comes from.

5 Personal Delivery

A personally delivered gift will keep you at the top-of-the-mind with your clients. If your business gift list isn’t too large, consider personally delivering the gift to the intended party.

Corporate Gifting

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