The DePaul Raft Race against Homelessness

The DePaul Raft Race against Homelessness, now in its fourth year, is a fun loaded day out for all the family to enjoy. The highlight of the day is a series of races between teams of 4, on pre-made rafts, the triumphant team taking home the coveted Winners’ Cup!

Codex as the event’s key sponsor, takes its responsibilities to the community very seriously by endorsing and pursuing a series of events that guarantee an enjoyable day for everyone and by getting involved in recreational activities among peers and friends.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are planned to be inclusive for everyone and to have a lot of fun along the way while helping those in need. DePaul stands for: rebuilding homeless people’s lives and helping them progress to a positive future.

As a charity institution, DePaul are constantly striving to serve homeless individuals or families at risk, caught in the spiral of homelessness and deprived of all control in their lives. The event will take place in Grand Canal Dock, Dublin 2, and September 16th 2017.To find out how to participate or contribute see


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 *** Special thanks to all our Codex Suppliers who have contributed to date.

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