Top 9 Direct Mail Tips to Nailing Your Campaign

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, our ‘Top 9 Direct Mail Tips’ will point you in the right direction.

It’s all in the name: direct.

A TV advertisement is probably ignored while the viewers chat amongst themselves and a Facebook ad is just as likely to be blocked by some software that the user has installed.

Meanwhile, the potential direct mail marketing has to generate business is enormous because you’re putting the message directly into people’s hands – a physical item that has every chance in the world to generate a physical and visual response.

When you decide to pursue a direct mail campaign, it is vitally important that you don’t squander this potential.


Our top 9 direct mail tips

The start of a direct mail advertising campaign isn’t when you pick the colour of the envelopes that you want to have posted out. The start of a direct mail campaign is when you ask yourself who you want to get your message across to.

Unlike an advertisement that you pay to have plastered on the side of a building, you’re not just putting it out there for all to see and blindly hoping that your target demographic will stumble across it.

Yes, you could pay to have your letters sent out to every house in Ireland, but through our team’s years of experience, we know better than anybody that a more precisely handled campaign, surgically designed to target exactly who you want, will get just as good (if not better) results.

Direct mail tips: part 1

1. Ask yourself who you want to talk to.

2. What images do they respond to?

3. How should you speak to them?

And most importantly:

4. What is it you have that they want?

5. Why is it the absolute best product of its type on the market?

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Chances are you know the answers to these questions already, so when you decide to pursue a direct mail campaign take the time and effort to sit down and design your campaign to suit your audience.


Direct mail tips: part 2

The second part of our direct mail tips is just as crucial as the first.


[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]There are six seconds to impress a person from the moment they receive your letter. That’s six seconds to make them want to open your envelope, to read the headline of your copy and glance at the images inside.[/blockquote]


At each interval in these six seconds, they should be led from one step to the next simply because your message has been tailored for them.


Now that you know the answers to the questions, follow these direct mail tips to designing your campaign:

6. A personalised envelope with an offer they’ve been waiting for will get their attention.

7. A caption with a bold, clear message that they’ll be excited to hear about will get them reading.

8. And finally, the important information that you want to be read.

9. All you need after that is a call to action. (Something to make them fit your business into their busy schedule.)


At first it might seem difficult to pull off. After all, why should your campaign stand out better than anybody else’s?


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At the end of the day, it will be because you’ve taken the time to speak to who your target market is.

After that, it will be the most natural thing in the world for them to read through your letter as they would any other among their personal messages.


Liked our direct marketing tips and tricks?

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