First Steps – A Youth Developmental Internship

Codex are delighted to announce our participation in First Steps – A Youth development Internship. First Steps will offer young jobseekers aged between 18 and 25 the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and training with the help of dedicated assistance from Department of Social Protection case officers. The target is to provide up to 2,000 work experience placements of six or nine months’ duration for young jobseekers during 2015.

The objective of First Steps is to provide participants with an opportunity to learn and develop basic work and social skills while on a placement in a real work situation in organisations in the private, public, voluntary and community sectors.

The First Steps program is part of the EU Youth Guarantee and will offer a young person aged 18 to 24, who has had little or no experience of working, the opportunity to learn basic work skills and social skills while on a placement in a real work situation.

European Union

About First Steps: 

The First Steps program is similar to the JobBridge Internship scheme in the following ways:

  • Appointment of a mentor
  • An Employer/Intern agreement outlining activities/skills obtained
  • Monitoring of the Internship’s progress
  • Payment of a €50 top up each week to the participant jobseeker
  • 6 or 9 month duration

However, the First Steps program provides a more supported structure, including the following:

  • Careful selection of candidates who are suitably prepared and capable of participation in First Steps – Youth Development Internship – selection will be from cohorts who have either already completed preparation courses or programmes and are ready to make the transition to a supported internship but are not yet ready for a standard JobBridge internship or full employment
  • Liaison with care workers or other support professionals and to identify, select and support candidates
  • A 4-day internship week to allow for job search activity and training and for a gradual introduction to a ‘work week’
  • A short work preparation course to focus the jobseeker and give final practical preparation for the simulated work situation including: basic work etiquette; work and social skills; timekeeping and phone etiquette; attire and presentation etc.
  • Employers are asked to work closely with local case officers and provide the following:
    • Identify and provide in-house or external training
    • Assign a work-buddy of a similar age to support the intern

    First Steps – Youth Development Internships are not publicly advertised; instead DSP staff select suitable candidates and refer them for interview.

    The organisation then selects their preferred jobseeker.

    A minimum of three candidates will be offered for each First Steps – Youth Development Internships available. For example, if two internships are being offered by an organisation a minimum of six candidates are offered from which to select.

    Who is Eligible:

    The First Steps program is targeting young unemployed people aged from 18-24 who may fall into one or more of the following categories:

    • Long-term unemployed
    • Those with lower education levels
    • Others who face barriers to entering employment


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