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That’s right GDPR is coming, are you ready? Well, we are. We have a foolproof toolkit to handle the legislation and keep you one step ahead. GDPR concerns itself with how we manage sensitive personal data in electronic and physical formats.


A heavy duty shredder could save you time and keep you in good with GDPR

It’s not just about digital and paper does not escape GDPR, any piece of paper with sensitive customer info cannot be left lying around. Once you’re done with it shred it!

Data Auto Feed paper shredders are a direct response to an organizations need to encourage employee compliance with paper security.

Research shows that 53% of employees adopt batch shredding behaviour, the employee builds a stack of multiple documents before they feel a trip to the shredder is needed.

By allowing employees to shred stacks of paper, independent research found that employees could spend 98% less time shredding and be more inclined to shred more frequently. You need a heavy-duty shredder to save time the Rexel auto shredder takes only 14 seconds to shred 500 sheets of paper, done and dusted. Need to shred a credit card or CD? No problem these shreShreddersdders eat them for breakfast.   

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Device locks

Physical hardware security has a significant role to play and it still accounts for many common security breaches, computers, laptops and tablets can contain sensitive information. A physical security policy is Integral to GDPR Compliance.

Every day, on average over 5 million data records are lost or stolen, with more than a third of businesses not having a physical security policy in place to protect laptops, mobile devices, and other electronic assets. You can’t shred a computer and we wouldn’t advise that even if you could! But you can lock it. We have a range of personal electronic security devices to keep your tech locked down.


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Privacy screens

Visual hacking’ is easy, happens quickly and often goes unnoticed.10 A privacy screen reduces the viewing angle and reduces this risk. Help protect the sensitive information on a monitor and reduce the chances of wandering eyes viewing confidential data. Privacy Screens limit the field of vision to +/- 30 degrees so a person off to the side only sees a dark screen. They are easy to install with either the included frame-less tab holders or double-sided tape. The reversible privacy screens also use an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, and they filter out harmful blue light by up to 30 percent.

privacy screen

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Secure luggage

The SecureTrek™ range of rollers, cases and backpacks have the ability to be anchored in locations where theft is a concern, such as airports, hotels and trade shows. Safeguard your backpack’s contents by clicking the hammerhead zipper pulls into the patent-pending SecureTrek Lock Base, then add a Kensington Lock to secure the backpack to a fixed object. This range of luggage contains ample space to secure and organise all your belongings, including clothing for an overnight trip, a padded back for extra comfort.


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