GDPR Tools

GDPR Anniversary: Get the GDPR tools you need to be compliant

On the 25th of May, it will be one year since the inception of the GDPR legislation. Don’t let the passage of time fool you GDPR is still watching. Protect your business from data breaches. Fines can be up to €20 million euro or 10% of your total revenue.

Conceal On Screen Data

Open plan office means an open view of your on-screen data. Visual hacking’ is easy, happens quickly and often goes unnoticed. A privacy screen reduces the viewing angle and reduces this risk

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Secure Devices

Physical hardware security has a significant role to play and it still accounts for many common security breaches, computers, laptops and tablets can contain sensitive information. A physical security policy is Integral to GDPR Compliance.

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Destroy Physical Data

Will all the publicity about vulnerable digital data being stolen from cyberspace in the news the physical kind is often overlooked.  Despite technology replacing paper, the old faithful is still widely used across offices around the world.

GDPR Compliance Tools

This is where a shredder comes in handy, as soon as your done with that paper shred it! But that’s not all we even have a shredder that can destroy CDs and credit cards! Buy any of our selected shedders and avail of an exclusive cashback offer. Any model labelled cashback on our online store is eligible. After your purchase of the eligible shredders follows the link below to claim your cashback.