Get to Know: Our Customer Service Agent

Today, we sat down for a quick chat with our Customer Service Agent, Mark Mulready! 28-year-old Mark is a mix of all things delightful. He’s a go-getter all the way and is full of energy. When Mark is not at work, his calendar is packed with rugby, golf and of course, some adventure time with his two daughters! Mark is also a movie buff and tells us that he is the last one to leave the dance floor!

Here are his answers to the questions we asked him-

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My role has primarily been in Codex’s Logistics Department. I began my journey as an Operative in the warehouse 5 years ago. From picking and packing to receiving goods in, my job encompassed it all. I was assigned with the tasks of picking customer orders, whether it was one box or a pallet order. I have always tried to pick orders the way I would have liked to receive it if I were a customer.

Currently, I have moved over to the Goods end of the company as a Customer Service Agent. From receiving products and checking for damages to ensuring it is the correct product for our customers, I do it all. The final product that we process goes to the customer. Therefore, we must ensure that our customer receives quality that they have come to love and expect from Codex.

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Success to me is growth, knowledge, information, progress and adaptability. The reason I believe this is because there is no definition of success, other than setting goals and reaching it. Real success is never perfect. It can always be improved upon. 

Let me explain how the five words I have mentioned above are linked to success. We try to achieve success through knowledge and the information we receive through every mistake we make. This helps us improve and grow. Every time we improve upon something we do, we are making progress. And as we make progress, we may find better ways of doing something, and then we need to change our ways slightly to accommodate that. Therefore, it is always important to be adaptable.

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One thing I would like to make a habit of is to learn more and become the best version of myself. I find I can do this easily by accepting more work and putting my name forward for any projects or courses that come my way at work.

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I would have to say that the best advice I was ever given is always to try. No matter what is in front of you. It is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

My go-to productivity trick would have to be coffee. I believe there is a limit to how long anybody can focus on a task in front of them. So, I try to use a coffee break not just to make coffee, but to allow my mind also to take a small break. I find that breaks, regardless of how short they may be, can help you combat fatigue and also let you get back to work with a fresh head so that you can complete the task at hand.  This works well even if you’re working remotely and need a break from your video calls.

I would most definitely say I am a night owl. I find I have more energy half-way through the day than I would have during the morning. This means, I could sleep on all morning but come the night-time, I am wide awake!

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