Get to Know: Our Furniture Specialist

This week on our Get to Know Series, we caught up with Albert Sterry, our Furniture Specialist at Codex. Born and educated in Dublin, Albert has worked in Sales almost all his life. He finds this field the most rewarding, and to him, the buzz for making a great sale has never lost its appeal. Albert is a real DIY person. He does all the work in his house and is currently renovating the bathroom in his home along with doing the electrics, plumbing, tiling and more!

According to Albert, with retirement looming in the not-too-distant future, he is looking forward to spending more time cycling, perhaps around the vineyards in France for a month or two sampling the wines!

Here are his fabulous answers to the questions we asked him –

I have been with Codex for 27 years now. I started on the road as a rep covering Dublin South West. In my opinion, selling was a little simpler then, as no one was checking the internet every time you gave them a price. The area changed over the years, and I covered a larger area and part of the HSE within that area. I always showed an interest in furniture and had a good head for spatial awareness. Both of these help when planning an office layout, so I suppose it was the natural route to follow. Together with Carl Murphy, we make up the Interiors Team supporting the Sales Reps and Furniture tenders and finding new and innovative suppliers.

Being in sales, I naturally measure success by the sales that are made. However, success also is in some of the new processes. For example, getting to be proficient with our CAD drawing software and being able to create excellent layouts, being able to put my stamp on an office project and have it taken on by the customer is very satisfying. Success is in a job well done.

I have always been sort of a health freak. I enjoy cycling, some running and eating healthy food (most of which I make myself!). In my opinion, to get into healthy habits is a benefit not just for myself but for my family.
At work, I am trying to be a problem solver, not a complainer. I know this is difficult, but it can be easy to be negative when things are going wrong. It is important to remember that every problem has a solution, so why not try to find it?

I have about three that make it to the top. 

  • Make a list. Get your priorities right and work through your list one thing at a time
  • Get your work-life balance right; it is very easy to burn out without even noticing it
  • Enjoy life, don’t waste it.

Sometimes it just takes a step back and have a look at something from a different angle or get a fresh pair of eyes on it. So, I usually ask Carl for his expert advice. In sales, you are always looking for a new angle or way to sell or sell more; sometimes you can come up with a great idea sometimes you can emulate something you have seen, both work.

Oh, definitely a morning person. I wake up early. Usually, about 6.30 am. Once I’m awake, I just cannot go back to sleep, so it’s get up, get the dogs out and make breakfast. Sometimes I will even bake bread before going to work. However getting up early also means that by 10.30 pm I am starting to close my eyes, much to the annoyance of my wife, who is a night owl.

Founded in by Brendan Murphy in 1979, Codex is proud to be celebrating 40+ years as an Irish family business. From our inception to this very day, we have grown to be a much bigger company – yet still share those same family values of integrity, leadership, innovation and support across our Codex team. Find out more about our story here.