Get to Know: Our Head of Print & Design

This week, we had the honour of interviewing Liam Colvin, our Head of Print and Design at Codex. Originally hailing from Ringsend, Liam is 41 years young and is an absolute ball of energy at Codex. After completing his college education, he worked in Banking for several years and then moved on to pursue his career in sales! Even after six years, he says, he’s still enjoying every minute it! Liam’s interests include Swimming, Waterpolo and some quality time with his friends and family. He loves a good party and is always one of the last ones to leave!

Here are his answers to the questions we asked him –

I’ve managed the Print Department now for nearly six years, and I’ve found it a fantastic challenge. But it’s more than just management. I’ve grown into my role more and more each year. My department has done some really trojan work during this time to get us where we are today, and I couldn’t do it without them.

To me, it’s all about being part of the Codex Team, trying to lead by example. Helping each person where you can along the way to ensure the customer gets the best experience possible when dealing with us.

I always think these answers can come off sounding cheesy. At the end of the day, we are a Sales Company. We do our best to ensure we sell what the customer wants and try to always do it with a smile. If a customer keeps coming back to you, you’re doing something right. Codex is the definition of success. 40 years later, and the customers are still returning.

Personally, if I can achieve targets, know I’ve worked my hardest and still have the time to do the things I love with my family and friends – that’s success.

There are a few things I can think of here, but it’s always about trying to articulate them correctly. I’ve made it a habit to ensure everyone knows they can talk to me about anything, if this makes sense. It makes for a much better team experience.

On a more personal level, I’ve made it a habit of switching off more when I’m home. Work-life balance is so important.

That’s a hard one to choose as I can think of some really good advice I’ve been given by a number of great people throughout my life. There’s always the usual advice: “Customer comes first”, “Don’t sweat the little things” and “Be Kind”.

I remember years ago, being left to look after a colleague’s customer while they went on holidays. It was probably the largest customer the company had at the time. So, to say there was some pressure is an understatement. But I gave it everything. And needless to say, they remained a customer.

So I suppose when I think about it, it would probably be “Give everything you do 100% and if it’s worth doing, do it right”.

Prioritise as much as you can. Just because it’s the first mail of the day doesn’t mean it’s the most important. Time management in sales is so important as there’s so little of it. Always remember though; what may not be as important to you, was important enough for someone else to contact you about it. So don’t forget them.

A bit of both, to be honest. I always try and get up on the right side of the bed. After years of early morning swim sessions, it’s second nature to get up early.

On the other hand, I do love watching a late-night movie or getting hooked on the latest great Netflix series. I also love a great night out or party, which can make getting up sometimes that bit harder.
Let’s go with a night owl…

Founded by Brendan Murphy in 1979, Codex is proud to be celebrating 40+ years as an Irish family business. From our inception to this very day, we have grown to be a much bigger company – yet still share those same family values of integrity, leadership, innovation and support across our Codex team. Find out more about our story here.