Get to Know: Our Junior IT System Administrator

This week on our Get to Know Series, we introduce to you our latest addition to our team, Marco De Sousa! Marco joined Codex this August as a Junior IT System Administrator. Hailing from South Africa, 29-year-old Marco immigrated to Ireland 2.5 years ago. Marco has an adventurous spirit and has skydived twice. On the 1st attempt, the parachute deployed early as the pin got caught in the door on exit, but he managed it all. Well done, Marco!

You can usually find him watching sports, working out or being in the sun. He is fun, enthusiastic, open-minded and loves to explore new cities and cultures!

Here are his answers to the questions we asked him –

I’ve recently joined Codex as a Junior IT System Administrator, and I am responsible for all user support and hardware lifecycle management. I am also currently pursuing Honours in Information System and Information Technology from TU Dublin part-time whilst working.

I immigrated from South Africa 2.5 years ago. Having a fresh “new beginning”, I set out in transitioning careers from steel construction to technology. Today, I can say I’ve finally got my breakthrough with Codex! I am incredibly excited to work with Codex and to bring value to the company success.  

I firmly believe you can measure success in many different forms, whether it is a small daily task such as making your bed or large tasks like solving/fixing a problem. Success to me is being a better person than I was yesterday. It is improving, adapting to changes and most of all, facing adversity.

“Fortis Nihil Difficilus” – for the brave nothing is too difficult. This was my high school’s motto and it’s something I live by every day.

This is a tough question! I’ve read all the books and tried it all. I have now found that keeping a balance with all aspects of my life in proportion to my lifestyle is essential so that I don’t feel guilty if I break a habit!

I have an obsession with learning lately, so I try my best to be productive every day. Don’t get me wrong, I do have loads of fun and occasionally binge-watch TV (currently re-watching the entire Star Wars collection!).

I also have a massive sweet tooth for chocolate and ice-cream. It is impossible to stop that habit, so be sure to bring some to work!

Without being too depressing, I think living your life with urgency is probably the best advice I’ve received. Time flies! This does not imply that you always need to be on the ball and not enjoy the moment. It’s just a reminder to treat our time as a gift and not waste it on trivial and vain things, but to create priority and urgency.

This relates to all aspects of my life from work to personal life to do the things that are important today and not tomorrow.

Planning ahead of your day is the most important. I like to set clear goals and prioritize tasks and have them written down before the start of the day. There is nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

Definitely a morning person! “The early bird catches the worm” as they say. 

Although sometimes hard to get out of bed, there is something profound about working while everyone is asleep. That is when you get the most done.

Morning workouts at 6 – 7 am also provide a sense of accomplishment and positivity in taking on the day. I generally tend to be most productive in the mornings!

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