Get to Know: Our Senior Account Manager, Cork

New on the Get to Know series this week, we have our Senior Accounts Manager for the Cork Division, Deirdre Coughlan! Deirdre has been with Codex since it acquired Axis Office Products in 2015. She recalls starting her career in Office Supples in 2002 as a Merchandiser. From understanding picking & packing and moving into Sales to ending up as a Senior Account Manager, Deirdre’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

When she isn’t at work, you’ll find her either walking her little dog Freida, practising some yoga or binge-watching the Drama Channel on Sky!

I am a Senior Account Manager based in Cork (let’s be honest, it is the real Capital!!). My role is to oversee the growth and development of Sales within our existing Account base in Munster. 

Currently, there are 3 of us employed in Codex Cork – Jonathan O’Connor & Joe Cashman, both Merchandisers. They support me in the Sales Role here in Cork and are the backbone of Cork’s success to date. While a small team, we all share the same strong focus. We work hard to deliver top-quality customer service & Codex experience to our customers in Cork and Munster. What makes Codex unique here in Cork is we specialise in bespoke deliveries.

As a Salesperson, the passion for selling must be within you. While hitting a target every month is very much part of the success for me, none of this would be possible without the customer. If I finish off a month hitting the target and know the customers’ experience for that month was positive, then it was a successful month. The two are very much linked.
Being in Sales is hard work, but if you are committed to the goal and persevere, it is very rewarding.

Over the last few months, I have been trying to create a habit where I use my time to work on the right things rather than the easy things. I never realised how much I did this. Maybe it’s the lockdown and the way my day has changed, but I suddenly realised I moved through stuff faster this way and my focus changed. It’s a good thing!

Dee, you won’t win them all, so move on“, and this is so true. I won’t win them all, but I get up the next day, brush it off, and start again.

Over the years, I’ve learnt that there is no point me fixating on what is beyond my control. I accept the loss and prepare for my next big win!

We all feel the lull happening sometimes. When this does happen to me, instead of trying to push myself through it, just to get something finished, I now walk away for 30 minutes and do something else. I then come back to what I am doing with a fresh outlook.

Night Owl.
Not a morning person at all. Once I get 2 cups of Coffee into me in the morning, I am good to go!

Founded by Brendan Murphy in 1979, Codex is proud to be celebrating 40+ years as an Irish family business. From our inception to this very day, we have grown to be a much bigger company – yet still share those same family values of integrity, leadership, innovation and support across our Codex team. Find out more about our story here.