How To Choose The Best Materials For Your Office Fit Out Project

You might think that choosing the best materials for your office fit out project is completely separate from the creative aspect of design. After all, you’ve spent weeks talking to your office interiors team about what kind of ambiance you’d like to create. It should just be a matter of ploughing ahead and getting the work done.

There is a lot more to a good office fit project out than this though.

When it comes to selecting the best materials for your environment, you need a team who’ll consider budget, appearance and suitability all at the one time. Check out these tips you should keep in mind when it’s time to give your office a makeover.

Planning an office fit out? Check out these five things you’ll need to consider to make sure you’re on the right track.

Choosing the Best Materials for Your Office Fit Out Project


The first and most obvious factor you’re going to consider when designing an office fit out is what the materials look like. Don’t think that this ends when you pick a colour of paint to coat the walls. Everything from lighting fixtures to chair colours add up to create the particular environment you’re hoping to create. Even the texture of the carpet and the woodgrain of the desks are critical.

Take this design project the Codex team handled. The main theme of the job was to bring the outside world in, and while we had a monumental task of arranging the project so that there would be as much window light as possible, the little touches ended up counting for just as much.

Plants, door colours, lighting and layout all worked in conjunction to create an open and free environment where the staff would feel as comfortable as they would at home.

Social Office Fit Out


It can be difficult to tell what is a good fit for your office in terms of practicality. Some items look fantastic on screen or in showrooms and brochure photos can be arranged with comfortable looking models working cheerfully, regardless of how uncomfortable they are.

When you work with our Dublin office fit out team, you can rely on our years of experience to guide you through the design process. We’ve handled projects all over the country, so whether it’s an office fit out in Cork you require, or something in Dublin City Centre, we can advise on what type of office furniture will function well in your office while also adding an aesthetic touch.

Practicality in Your Office Fit Out


A bad design won’t be saved by expensive furniture, and likewise, sometimes a cheap option can ruin some amazing potential your office might have. For this reason, we strongly advise that you don’t leave choosing your materials until the very end of an office fit out.

When you plan out the design of your office to include the kind of furnishings you plan to fill it with, you’re able to carefully craft your budget to get the most out of your office refurbishment.

We might be able to work with you to allow for a fantastically extravagant centrepiece, or as is sometimes the case, point out that you can create just as good of an effect when you limit your spending and choose your materials wisely.

The Codex team are always ready to advise. Interested in talking to us? Make an appointment with our team today.