Introducing Healthy Snacks with the Good Snack Co

Healthy snacks at there best!

We are excited to announce the launch of a healthy snack range from the Good Snack Company. Codex will stock a hand-picked selection of the most energy boosting & nutrition-packed snacks on the market! Codex is a frontrunner for maximising the productivity of the modern workplace with our extensive range of office, interiors and facilities supplies, naturally healthy food is the next great leap.

Healthy snacks & productivity 

We sat down with the people of the Good Snack Co to get to know them better, How did they get a started? Well, they simply got fed up with the limited choice of snacks when they got hungry. All that was on offer was bad snacks full of terrible ingredients and the only healthy option they could get their hands on were either bland or just plain old rice cakes! They informed us of how important good nututraiton.

Nutrient packed good snacks.

Nutrient-packed guilt-free snacks.

To function at an optimum level our brains need to be consistently supplied with good fuel to keep our productive motors running. However, this doesn’t mean that the best way forward is to continuously consume foods that are excessively high in refined sugar. On the contrary, medical research has found that abnormally high glucose levels as a result of copious, quick sugar intake actually result in vastly reduced brain performance and those cognitive difficulties can often occur.

A study by the University of Wisconsin found that the kind of quick fix spike caused by an intake of refined sugar results in a fleeting period of alertness
followed by a big drop in Glucose levels causing lapses in our attention span and alterations in mood and ability to concentrate, essentially those refined sugar crammed treats actually make you LESS productive!

Workplace rocket fuel!

The beauty of this snacking range is that it is all good healthy ingredients, if it’s sweet or salty it’s honestly good!  This range features the usual healthy snack favourites such as almonds brazil nuts to more contemporary offering: like chilli peanuts & cashews, yoghurt raisins. Along with the exciting mix of old school and contemporary snacks, The Good Snack Company have studied what workplaces need most to beat the slump and they have come up with two creations of their own; the protein mix and the energize mix.

Healthy snakcs

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