The iSME Story Continues at the 2017 Conference

In a world of corporations and big businesses, SMEs must carve out their place or risk being outmuscled. The competition they face is fierce and they need a voice, that voice is iSME.

Proud sponsors

The greatest strength of iSME is that it is owned, funded and managed by SME owners themselves. Codex is proud to be one of the main sponsors of this year’s annual conference.

People create great companies and when they work together they can create a voice to tell a story. This Friday’s conference will aspire to encourage businesses to grow through the power of storytelling.

A story to tell

We are honored that Codex’s Managing Director Siobhan O’Connor will tell her business story at this year’s conference. Storytelling has always been at the heart of every Irish business. We hope her experiences can empower Irish companies to drive growth by sharing their journeys.

See you at the conference.