Better Service Than Ever! ISO Certificates Renewed

At Codex, we’re well aware that growing for the sake of growing is not the only thing that matters. As we continue to get larger, what’s important to us is that we maintain an impeccable level of service, both in terms of customer relations and production, and that we are constantly measuring ourselves against the best.

With that in mind, we are very proud to announce that all three of our ISO certificates have been renewed.

Growing Excellence

The ISO certificate is an international seal of approval for companies that have attained a high standard of production that increases health and safety and reduces waste. What it means for you is that quality is guaranteed. The team at Codex have always been committed to growing responsibly, so being able to put this achievement alongside our environmental credentials  is a distinction we’re delighted to accept. Previously, we talked about the benefits of LED efficient lighting. Today let’s take the opportunity to highlight some reasons you might want to receive an ISO certificate, and why customers should care which companies have one.


Customer Approved

Though the ISO certificate is awarded by an international committee, what that committee represents is the customer’s approval. Essentially, the ISO organisation measures the expectations for high quality products among the public of many different countries, and measures which companies are living up to it. The fact that a company is even attempting to earn an ISO certificate means that they’re chasing excellence.

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Excellence snowballs

The ISO certificate isn’t just earned by having a quality end product. Every aspect of management and production is looked at in the examination process. That means things like health and safety, training, and even human resources have to meet an overall standard. As a consequence, the general work environment is sure to improve, and once you have the basic groundwork for an exceptional work environment you can expect the benefits to snowball – A happy workplace for your employees is sure to generate innovative ideas for business.


Know yourself

One of the most interesting benefits of pursuing an ISO certificate is the process of self examination. Every day your employees will be looking at their tasks, how they’re done, and ways to complete them more efficiently. The last thing you want is for your operation to be constantly operating on autopilot. Keeping staff engaged with their job and always searching for ways to improve keeps them happy, and most importantly, the customer happy.


Every day will be a surprise

You probably have some idea of improvements that could be made in your company in order to achieve the ISO certificate, but you’ll be surprised at what you discover along the way. When you’re looking at ideas to improve one task, all of a sudden a million other ideas pop up and the biggest challenge you’ll face is just writing them all down.

Codex has also been acredited with certificates from the PEFC and the FSC, both of which reflect our dedication to social responsibility and the environment. Though these certificates are separate from ISO’s, granted by completely different committees, we truly believe that they are very much tied to the same root desire for quality. There are a lot of yard sticks to measure yourself by, but we feel that so long as you’re measuring yourself against something difficult to achieve, then you’ll begin to see results.

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