Managed Print Services: The Case For Switching

The definition of managed print services is far-reaching, but the end result is simple: gaining visibility and control of your printing, which helps to save money and increase productivity. Managed print also helps to advance environmental sustainability and document security.

Many businesses struggle to stay on top of their print processes. Typically, they have multiple machines that are troublesome to manage and expensive to run. Costs can quickly spin out of control and maintenance issues can be a persistent problem. On average, Irish companies spend 1-3% of revenue on document output annually. Additionally, research indicates that almost two-thirds of Irish IT service calls are print-related.

Benefits of managed print services

Many businesses are oblivious as to how many printers they really have, how much time is allocated to their maintenance, and, most importantly, the cost of keeping them running.

Costs savings and control

According to independent market research, companies who implement a full managed print service can save up to 30% against traditional printing methods. Furthermore, it allows companies to budget and plan their print costs far more effectively, hence giving them far more control over spend. The amalgamation of numerous merchants associated with the maintenance of your fleet shrinks back office costs associated with managing printer networks.

Environmental benefits

Superior control of printer supplies reduces wastage and the carbon footprint of your printer fleet. Introducing newer, more energy efficient models into your fleet will reduce your demand for energy consumption.

Refocusing your business

Managed print enables the company to concentrate on its core business and eradicates the necessity to commit resources or time to the printer network. Superior business continuity as one provider supports the entire printer environment which will diminish the risk of downtime and interrupted service. A suitable managed print service will be flexible enough to adapt to the changing nature of an organisation so that they can be catered for effectively well into the future.

Managed Print Solutions

Choosing a managed print services provider

Successful managed print solutions providers are exceptionally attuned to clients’ requirements, continuously prepared to meet and surpass their expectations, and constantly seeking to better comprehend business objectives and deliver solutions to achieve real, tangible results.

In the current economic situation, it is imperative for businesses to be acutely aware of the importance of cost savings in all areas of business.

By combining innovative technology and unrivalled industry expertise, here at Codex, our print solutions team is here to help companies efficiently and consistently execute their brands across all of their marketing materials.

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