Top 5 Modern Office Design Trends in 2016

You wouldn’t meet a new client in a shabby old suit and expect them to be impressed. When it comes to representing your company you know exactly how refined you want your presentation to be. Office interior design isn’t any different. If you’ve kept up with the times, you know that a slick work environment attracts new business, keeps workers engaged, and attracts talented new employees to add to your thriving team. Keep reading to get more bang for your buck and discover our top five modern office design trends in 2016…

Top Office Design Trends 2016

1. Multi-Purpose Spaces

Office design trend #1 - multi purpose spaces

Using space for only one purpose is wasteful! If you have a limited area to work with, you might think that you’re not able to fit in everything you need. However, a multipurpose area can be used for everything from presentations to meetings to casual breakout and innovation centres. Soft seating with electrics and data points and height adjustable tables all combine to make a non-assigned area a multipurpose work space. Remember it isn’t cluttered unless you design it that way. It’s actually an opportunity to express your company’s style.

2. Bringing Nature In

Modern office design trend #3 - bringing nature in
The age of blinking fluorescent lighting and grey ceiling tiles is long past. The use of natural woods and reclaimed wood panels, natural concrete exposed and slate floors bring back a more natural environment to work in. The use of plants and water features to bring a little bit of home into the office is one of the bigger office design trends today. What you’re trying to accomplish is an organised environment that people feel they’re able to relax in.

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3. Wires Are Out

Modern office design trend #3 - wires are out
What can make the best looking office untidy are the amount of wires on display. Hiding them or eliminating them is essential. Go wireless with mice and keyboards and conceal what wires you do have behind the tables and desks. Nothing looks as bad as an expensive meeting table with cables knotted all around it. There’s no reason you can’t declutter. Every manufacturer today has developed solutions to keep your office looking neat and tidy. Use them.

4. Flexibility

Modern office design trend #4 - flexibility
Movement is one of the most prominent modern office design trends in 2016. Modular pieces of furniture can be moved, stacked, and configured to offer alternative design and use. A collaborative workspace needs to transform to afford the needs of the ever changing office environment. Traditional office spaces and layout have given way to more dynamic plans, and with that, management techniques have evolved too. Besides, who can argue for a desk by the window when the desk placements are always changing?

5. Mixing It Up

Modern office design trend #5 - mixing it up
In general, you’re aiming to create a varied work environment that encourages creativity and new resourcefulness. Nobody is going to feel encouraged to push for new ideas when you have them locked in a drab room that might as well be a prison cell. Use different colours, textures and furniture arrangements. Have worktops in the social area, and relaxing chairs in the office area. How about a swing>? When play and work are merged, you’ll see that your employees will be excited to get down to business every day.

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