Why The Modern Office Resembles A College Campus

When you try to picture an office from fifty years ago, you probably get an image of men in stuffy suits, seated at cluttered desks laid out in a regular pattern. Fast forward to the eighties and you’ll start to see a huge staff of workers, each locked away in their own drab cubicles. Nothing like the modern office interiors available now.

Nowadays though, when you picture the leaders in innovation, the likes of Google and Apple spring to mind, places where the modern office environment is more of a playground for ideas than it is about meeting quotas. In a way, the informal attitude that many companies have adopted has a lot more in common with a college campus than it does with a traditional workplace.

But why has this happened? And how can it benefit your company as a whole?

Relaxed Environments Improve Productivity

Modern office design
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a happy worker is a productive worker. If you can create an office environment where your staff feel less pressure and are able to communicate freely, then they’ll be a lot more open with their ideas and be able to pursue their work with a much better attitude.

Everything from the layout of your office to how your meetings are run can benefit productivity as a whole, so it’s no wonder modern office fit outs are becoming more like college lecture halls than executive boardrooms.

It’s also important to remember that universities aren’t just where students go to be talked at. Education is as much about interaction and voicing opinion as it is about reading text books. When an office can conjure this atmosphere, it’s staff are stimulated to push forward inventive concepts that could help business for years to come.

Great Ideas Are Hard To Capture

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You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Lightning in a jar.’ Truly great ideas are hard to capture and you can’t always expect them to be generated on your timetable, or in an allotted space.

Students don’t have offices, study areas are communal, and in general there is a lot more public space to interact with each other. Breakout zones like these are common on college campuses because there’s generally a lot of free time for students to sit back and relax between classes. However, they’re also becoming a necessity for modern offices because they’re exactly what you need to allow for those spontaneous moments that can completely change how you think about the world and how you do business.

Create an area in your workspace so your employees have somewhere to mull over the day’s events while they’re away from their desks and you’ll soon find they’ll have all sorts of great ideas. Of course, there’s a lot more to putting together an office fit out than ABC. Knowing exactly how to establish an environment that allows for work and play is a difficult balancing act.

People Have More Options

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At the end of the day, modelling an office to reflect more of a college campus attitude can be a tremendous boon for your company.

The benefits might not be clear on day 1. The slow burn of creativity could take a while to generate tangible results. Over the months though, you’ll start to see how the contemporary office interiors has a direct effect on your employees day to day habits and the work they produce from them. It’s certainly worked for the leaders of innovation in any number of fields and it’s something potential employees are more aware of than ever.

Qualified workers have plenty of choice when it comes to deciding where to work. Salary is obviously a big part of what plays into their decision. But so too is the working environment. Companies that offer a more enjoyable working experience attract workers that more traditional office place can’t, so when you design a modern office fit that resembles the mood of a college campus you’re able to make a truly creative and talented team.

Luckily our office fit out team is ready to start putting together a plan for you whenever you decide to get in touch.