5 Key Office Interiors and Design Trends in 2017

Office interior design trends are continuously evolving, in 2017 big theme are employee engagement, well-being and optimized work environment for enhanced productivity. Companies must keep in mind to create a place where employees are able to work, collaborate and communicate with ease, this is a crucial aspect to consider in the short and long term.
Today’s workplace is being redefined by a variety of factors including advanced technologies, a flexible workforce and innovative trends that influence office design. We have compiled 5 of these essential trends that should make your office design priorities list.


1 Office interiors should represent your brand and company culture

Spend some time analysing popular office interior design trends and see how they can apply to your workplace and which would make your company unique. Develop some guiding principles and ensure that both your workspace and culture are supportive of them. Be authentic and make your space reflect your culture, not someone else’s. If nothing else incorporate your logo and colours into your design.
Office Interiors: Represent your company brand and culture

  Codex Canteen with our unique branding.


Office Interiors and Technology

An interactive screen & boardroom was a great addition to one of our clients.



2 Working with Technology

Technology trends, such as the growth of interactive systems and the development of transferable information via cloud computing will continue to influence design. The latest tablets are set to replace laptops and allow employees to become increasingly mobile.






3 Collaborative & Individually focused work

The fact is, that most of your employees don’t need to be in a collaborative environment the whole day – The majority of employees will need time to conduct individually focused work as well. A smart move is to build a workspace that provides a variety of places, spaces, and postures so people can move during their day. If combined with supportive technology and culture, this type of agile workplace has proven to enhance employee engagement.
Shared and Private Offices

     Shared and private workspaces.



4 Implementing Natural Elements

Offices with natural elements

  Inside garden implemented with great effect on one of our recent jobs.

Future-forward companies are already introducing a new standard using biophilic design principles. An increasing number of offices are integrating natural elements into their office design. Examples of these are salvaged wood, water features, living walls and outdoor office extensions.
There are multiple benefits to those who work in nature-focused offices. When a person’s surroundings are congruent with their biological desires, we can expect the following outcomes:
  • Stress levels decline
  • Motivation increases
  • Creativity flows
  • Ability to concentrate improves


Sit Stand desk in an office.

Sit Stand desk in the workplace.




5 Design focused on well-being

Wellness programmes that offer employees health and fitness facilities have been around for some time. However, workplaces that integrate well-being into their design aren’t easy to find. From sit-stand desks to the placement and design of staircases, more architects and designers will use such methods to encourage movement throughout the day.







Want more ideas?

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