The Office Survival Kit

Office Survival Kit

Want to be more productive? Have better energy levels and keep your body healthy? Then you need to have an office survival kit. From ergonomics and wireless keyboards, 4K resolution screens to motivational office treats, Codex has a range of products that can be put to good use and change your work life for the better.

Double productivity: Dual monitors

Office Survival Kit Codex Office Solutions dual monitors

A second screen can also be hooked up to your laptop.

In Today’s fast-paced digital world, we are bombarded by information. How does one manage info coming out of so many programs, emails and windows all at once? The answer is to get a second screen for your current setup.

You can use multiple programs at ease at the same time, which is perfect for easy comparison of data and graphic design works. The workflow improvements are huge, multitasking has never been so simple.

Once you get a second screen added to your work setup you’ll start to wonder, ‘how did I ever cope with just one?’

For the big picture why not get a 43″ TV for your meeting room? With just an HDMI cable plugged into a laptop, you can give your team or clients the big scope in 43″ HD clarity.

Fuel your office: Coffee, tea and hampers

Codex Office Solutions Coffee

Coffee, tea and hampers make a great office treat.

You need to keep yourself motivated, a motivated office is a productive office.  Drinking tea or coffee can help perk you up during a slump plus they are infused with antioxidants that boost your immune system. These elixirs can keep you alert, productive and can even elevate your mood. A fine cup of tea or coffee could be what you need to kickstart your day.

Stocking up with some treats is a no-brainer for your office survival kit. Coffee and tea should always be abundant. Tea is an office staple but don’t settle for just one flavor, be sure to procure many tastes for the palate like; green tea, peppermint, cranberry and more.

Want to reward your co-workers for all their hard work?  A jam-packed hamper full of treats is a handsome reward.  Champagne for celebrating, cheese & crackers for munching and chocolates for dessert are sure to boost morale, check out our full range of office treats.

The standing method: Sit-stand desks

If you want to be productive you have to stay healthy. It’s been medically proven that prolonged sitting for hours throughout the workday is bad for your health. There is no way of getting around working stationary at your desk, until now. A sit-stand desk as the name implies allows you to adjust your workspace to sitting and standing level. Research into the health benefits of a sit-stand desk suggests it could lower your blood sugar levels, lower your risk of heart disease, improve posture and last but not least improve your mood and energy levels. This is definitely an office survival kit essential. To see more of our sit-stand desks visit our online store.

Check out the sit-stand desk in action:


Functional comfort: Wrist support for mouse and keyboard

Let’s face it using a mouse and keyboard all day can be uncomfortable, it can even be painful and pain has no place in your office survival kit.

The muscles and tendons in your wrist are outstretched and become fatigued when using a mouse and keyboard for long periods of time and this can lead to injury.Office Survival Kit. Codex Office Solutions keyboard and mouse wrist rests. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very real factor when working in an office. The symptoms include; pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in the wrist and hand. This is all due to the increased pressure on the median nerve in your wrist.

Keyboard and wrist rests can alleviate the pain. They prevent the restriction of blood flow and take the pressure off tendons and nerves in the wrist, they can make your work life a lot more comfortable. Be kind to your wrists, get them the support they need now.

Less wires more freedom: Wireless mouse and keyboard

Codex Office Solutions wireless keyboard and mice

A wireless keyboard and mouse can free up space on your desk.

If you are tired of untangling your mouse and keyboard wires and watching the dust build up around them then it’s time to go wireless.
Wireless products have the benefit of minimizing clutter by getting rid of all those cumbersome cables. Wired devices can limit your freedom of movement on your desk. With wireless devices, you can position your keyboard and mouse where they best suit to enhance your workflow.

Another pro of getting rid of the cables is that your devices will be easily portable in a big with no worry of untangling for setting up later.  For more on wireless products check them out here.

Ready for action

Now you’re ready to build your office survival kit, to see the full range of products on our online store.