Remote Ergonomic Assessments: Why Now is the Time to Get Started

No matter where you perform your work, injuries and illnesses can occur if a gap exists between the equipment and the user. With the office being replaced by remote working, your health and productivity might be entirely dependent on how you set up your workstation. So whether you have a desk job or you are an employer who wants to learn more about why this is the right time to invest in remote ergonomic assessments, keep reading. 


Here are the top 3 trends that have led to the popularity of remote ergonomic assessments:

1. Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has made remote ergonomic assessments more possible and accessible than ever before. Due to remote work, businesses have constantly been trying to improve their digital workflows and the way they store data. As a result, remote workers or hybrid workers are empowered with the same information and resources as onsite workers. Digital transformation in ergonomics means using a cloud-based platform to track and manage data for your ergonomics program. It gives visibility to all assessments, improvements, suggestions and follow-ups. It also enables employees and management to communicate easily and in the same language. 

2. Virtual Communication

Since 2020, businesses worldwide have used digital communication to perform all functions of the company. From marketing and accounting to operations and human resource management, every single collaboration has been digital. Usage of video conferencing has exploded, and this has enabled remote ergonomic services for employees. 

We, along with our partners, Spectrum Optimise, provide online risk assessment services for businesses in Ireland. We cover ergonomics, posture, and health & safety. Once we speak to your employees, we categorise them into different levels of risk, namely high, medium and low. We then recommend products and services tailored to help them. 

3. Social Distancing

Social distancing is a term we have heard everywhere. It has been a critical strategy to flatten the curve of rising cases. Businesses have adapted to the new world of remote work and can get work done in a socially distanced manner with ease. Adding remote ergonomic assessments to your home working policy now ensures you’re prepared in case you ever need to adopt a hybrid or staggered approach.

At Codex, we offer you the opportunity to speak to one of our trained physios from Spectrum Optimise about your current workstation setup, remote or not. They will talk to you, understand the type of work you do, answer any questions you may have and offer practical advice to help you set up your workspace for long-lasting health benefits. What’s more, this workstation assessment only takes 30-minutes!

Advantages of Remote Ergonomic Consultations

  • Online consultations are fast. They are scheduled with the click of a button, require no travel, and results are delivered electronically. 
  • They are cost-effective. Remote consultations eliminate costs of travel, transit time and time needed to collect data. 
  • Remote ergonomic assessments or DSE assessments provide an effective, safe, and efficient route of service delivery.

 We can help!

If you’d like to give remote assessments a try, we’ve got your back. We have ergonomic solutions such as a Risk assessment package (for the whole company – remote or not), one-on-one assessments and company webinars to help you do your part towards keeping your employees safe and healthy.

Get in touch with us, and we will work with you every step of the way. 

Ergonomic equipment does not have to be expensive, especially if you work from home. Therefore, we have put together a list of work from home ergonomic essentials that do the job just as efficiently.