Space Saving Ideas for a Small Home Office

With more of us working from home now than ever before, a small house or apartment can feel very limiting in term of space. But it doesn’t have to be! You do not need a lot of space to make a home office work for you. What you will need, however, are the right tools and a bit of creativity!

Don’t worry if you have very little space to play with. Whether your workstation is set up in a corner, or in a home office, these space-saving ideas will guarantee a tidy and spacious workspace, all the time- 

1. A Mobile Workstation

A mobile workstation or a desk that you can downsize is an excellent space-saving idea. A foldable desk can be set up at the start of your workday and can be folded down when your workday is over. Our Serrion Beech 650mm Mobile Computer Workstation Features a space-saving roll out keyboard shelf and a built-in shelf underneath for your printing equipment. What’s more, it also has lockable wheels for easy transportation.  

If you have unused space in any corner of your home, consider setting up your workstation there with an L-shaped or Corner Desk. These desks do an excellent job in using every inch of your room and come with unbelievable warranties. 

2. Creative Storage Options

If you are working with (and in) a small space, you might be struggling with storage too. A great home office storage idea is to use bookshelves to store your items. If a bookshelf is not feasible, you can also opt for drawers with filing accessories. Bulky items take up a lot of space on your desk and around your workstation. Prevent this problem by investing in a small pedestal with wheels, so it is easy to transport and store items in.

3. Outdoor Spaces

One of the things home workers struggle with the most is keeping work and leisure separate. And if you have a smaller space, this separation can be a distant dream. Or not!

Why not utilise your outdoor spaces to turn it into a home office? With an outdoor workstation you get fresh air, ample space and some much-needed Vitamin D! If you have a shed or an unused garage, get creative and design your home office there instead. It is a great way to utilise unused space and keeps you away from distraction and helps you focus!

4. Cleanliness

If you want to maximise your home office space, the first thing you should be doing is decluttering it right away. Take a look around your room and evaluate if you need every single item that is present there. The amount of space you can free up just by putting your coats in your wardrobe and files in the drawers can be surprising! There are other ways to promote tidiness around your desk; For example, using cable management accessories to keep all your cables neat and tangle-free and reducing the usage of paper can refresh your whole place in seconds.

If you still need space for essential items like documents and printers, consider investing in office furniture like multi-drawer cabinets or printer stands!

5. Ergonomics

We are the strongest supporters of workplace ergonomics and have written detailed articles on how you can incorporate ergonomics in your remote working setup. No matter where you work from, ergonomics is not something you should be compromising on. A standing desk is a wonderful idea for a compact space and pushes you to be more active by flexing your muscles. In addition, you can use a laptop riser if you work off of a laptop, monitor arms if you have two screens and an extended keyboard set to make sure you aren’t slouching. If your feet do not touch the floor while sitting, you should also be investing in a footrest. Here are some additional ergonomic tips to help you work in a pain-free manner.

If you are looking to set up your home office, but are stuck for space, our Confined Home Office Pack is designed just for you. Take a look here.

Whether you decide to work from your garden, bedroom, kitchen table or office, this quick 30-minute Ergonomic Assessment with a professional will analyse your setup and enable you to work safer.