Standing Desk for a Month:’It changed everything’

Standing Desk for a month

This is Matt, Codex’s Dispatch Manager.

You’ve probably heard a lot of noise about the standing desk also known as sit-stand desks. How did this all get started? Well mainly because it has become to be known that sitting down for long periods of time can be bad for your health. The list of illness associated with long-term sitting are Diabetes, Heart Disease and disc damage.

At Codex we aspire to make every workplace a healthy and productive place, that’s why we are serious about standing desks.  The proclaimed benefits are too big to ignore that’s why we gave one of our staff a standing desk for a month to see if they feel any different.

Matt’s 1 month Standing Desk Diary

Matt is Codex’s Dispatch Manager, you can usually find him at his desk processing and overseeing hundreds of orders a day on his computer. This has been a daily routine for Matt for the last 15 years. When Matt first heard about standing desks he was eager to get one for his new workstation. Our interiors team was happy to oblige on one condition, make a standing desk diary for one month…and we had a deal!

I spend a lot of time at my desk I mean a lot! Don’t let the fact that I work in a warehouse fool you, customer orders involve a lot of desk work on the computer. When we first got a standing desk in the warehouse, I asked the interiors guys what it was all about. As soon as they explained more I was in, I just had to give it a try. I got the new desk on one condition; keep a diary for a month to notice any changes, the more people are informed the better, so let’s get started on my first month with a standing desk. 

Standing Week 1

Pretty easy setup, instructions are a breeze, so far so good. Customers get there’s set up for them but since this is essentially a freebie I had to do it myself…fair enough! I’ve got an anti-fatigue standing mat to go with the desk, they tell me it can help if I choose to stand all day. I think I won’t use it at first then switch to see if it makes a real difference. It’s pretty different to be working at a computer standing, it generally feels strange working while standing up, to be honest not strange just different! I definitely feel more aware and alert, while sitting I would feel a bit more tired at the end of the day, that could be due to not moving around as much. Legs to do feel a bit tired this week, kind of like working out a the gym but nothing major.


standing mat for sit stand desk

An anti-fatigue mat make you stand all day long!

Week 2

Getting used to having this handy piece of kit now. I find alternating between sitting and standing to work best for me. The only thing is my feet feel a bit sore after the week I’ve done my research and talked to the manufactures and the gave me 2 options. Option 1 is to alternate between sitting and standing a couple of hours each or option 2 is to is to use an anti-fatigue mat to take pressure off my feet so I can stand as much as much as I want. I’ve got accustomed to standing while working a lot so I want to stand as much as possible so I’m going for option 2! I’ve got a 360 work setup here I’m either dealing with customer queries at my computer, printing off paperwork to my right or putting all the delivery dockets for the van routes behind me, so standing is the best way to do it all.

Matt is a very mobile desk worker he as to get up and put order into the trays so standing is ideal.

Matt is a very mobile worker he as to get up and put order into the trays so standing is ideal.

Week 3

I’ve really got a good flow going now, I’m able to get all the van routes organised better and quicker than ever. That’s because I don’t have to keep standing up and sitting down every minute to grab a print off or organise the paperwork.  I’m on my feet all day but in a totally positive way! The anti-fatigue mat does make a difference. I first noticed that security check staff airports have them when they have to keep a stationary position all day I can see why they use them now.  I feel like I have more energy, I almost never feel sluggish or overtired anymore.

Matt at a standing desk

Week 4

Hard to believe it’s already been a month with the standing desk and it’s changed everything!  I used to have some discomfort in my legs but not anymore. I realised when I was sitting I used to try and find the most comfortable position for my legs, I would cross them, put them on stools for a bit and even sit on them. Now that I’m standing more it’s easy to find my best most comfortable position while working away. Long story short guys, I’m not going back to a regular desk, this gives me total freedom of movement at my workstation and you can’t put a price on that folks! 

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