5 benefits of promotional clothing for your business

Promotional clothing for your business To celebrate the launch of our corporate casuals range, we have done our research on the benefits of getting your brand & logo on some trendy promotional clothing. If you want your business to stand out you have got to be noticed. One of the best ways for a business to become recognised is to have their brand under the public’s nose. Apart from buying up acres of media real estate, there is another way to get your brand front and centre, get people to wear it. Yes, that’s right, emblazon it on an everyday essential; clothes…. Read more »

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Standing Desk

You’ve probably heard a lot of noise about standing desks also known as sit-stand desks. How did this health craze get started? Well mainly because it is now known that sitting down for long periods of time can be very bad for your health. The list of illness associated with long-term sitting is startling. Diabetes, Heart Disease, spinal disc damage are just to name a few. At Codex we aspire to make every workplace a healthy and productive one, that’s why we are serious about standing desks. We have done our research and here is what we have found to… Read more »

Breakout Area: An Essential Part of the Modern Office

Breakout Breakdown  When you think of an office many ideas and visuals come to the mind, tightly stacked cubicles on an open plan floor, desks with tall stacks of paper and the hunched frame of a worker clacking away at his/her keyboard. Does this sound like a relaxed environment? We don’t think so! At Codex we don’t just supply and outfit offices we aspire to make a workplace the best place a person can be. That’s why we want to talk about what your office could be missing: the breakout area. Take a look at our quick-fire breakdown to summarise the… Read more »