The Best 5 Home Office Desks of 2021

Welcome to our pick of the top 5 home office desks of 2021! 

If you work from home, you already know that working from the kitchen table or couch is not ideal. Some of the best work happens in a dedicated workspace, and no workspace is complete without a home office desk. With so much to look into while buying a desk, it can get quite challenging to choose a desk that meets all of your requirements. To make this decision easier for you, we have put together a list of the best home office desks that work for a variety of different spaces. 

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1: Leap Single Sit Stand Desk

Sit-stand desks or standing desks are growing in popularity, especially after businesses around the globe went remote at the beginning of 2020. The reason is simple. Sitting all day poses numerous dangers to your health. It puts you at risk of ailments such as diabetes and weight gain – and standing does the exact opposite

The Leap Sit-Stand Desk ranks first in our list for the top 5 home office desks of 2021. It is a stand-alone desk that can be adjusted at the touch of a button. At dimensions of 1200 X 800mm, there’s plenty of room for your electronic devices and office stationery. The desk is also fully customisable with three frame colours and various wood panel colours to choose from.

This Sit-Stand Desk is fitted with anti-collision software, overheat electrical current protection and a memory button with three programmable memory positions. With durable 25 mm melamine tops, this standing desk can easily be adjusted from 595mm – 1245mm via the standard 2-button or optional memory master control unit. 

Like your work desk to be clutter-free? We’ve got you covered. This desk comes with built-in aluminium portal holes to provide effective cable management. In addition, it also consumes low power, so it’s great for the environment!


2: Komo Crescent Desk with Desk Pedestal

Corner desks are ideal for home offices because they make excellent use of the corner spaces in rooms that are otherwise unused. The Komo Komo Crescent Desk with Desk Pedestal is no exception. Komo is a highly flexible desk that allows for a multitude of workstation configurations. Its metal legs are manufactured from 16-gauge steel, and the desktop and panel are constructed from scratch-resistant 25mm melamine panels. The legs and tops are joined with metal to metal fixings, adding extra strength and allowing for simple reconfigurations.

This desk features a sturdy pedestal with drawers for pens, books and other small items that you will need at your desk. It has 2 Aluminium desktop cable portals per desk for effective cable management. The desk also offers the option of right and left orientation, making it suitable for all users. 

This Komo desk features an E1 grade panel with environmental certification, making it a great option if you are looking to build a greener workspace


3: Ashford Metal Leg Crescent Desk

The Ashford Metal Leg Crescent Desk is an excellent deal for a corner desk. It comes with a lot of room for your computer and office stationery supplies, keeping everything you will need during the workday within arm’s reach. The desk is the perfect combination of looks and practicality, with outstanding durability at a very affordable price. Like the Komo Desk, the Ashford desk also has metal legs manufactured from 16 gauge steel, a desk top constructed from E1 grade heat and a scratch-resistant 25mm melamine panel. 

The desk is designed to fit around the user, creating a work from home environment that is comfortable to access and use. If a metal-leg variant is not the style you’re looking for, this desk is also available in a panel leg variant

So if you’re in the market for a home office desk that is stable, functional and professional, the Ashford Crescent Desk is a brilliant choice!

WARRANTY: 10 Year Warranty

4: Switch 1 Person Bench Open Leg

Whether you have an open plan layout at work or a separate home office while working remotely, this desk is an option worth considering. The Switch 1 Person Bench Open Leg Desk is a highly flexible modular desking option that measures 1400 x 800mm. It allows you to create a versatile workspace with complex desk configurations of any length. 

It is highly customisable with a choice of top depths, leg finishes, widths, panel colours and metallic paint finishes. You can also choose to add on components like cable ports for effective cable management. The desk also features a straight-leg look which takes up minimal room under the desktop, giving you more space to add small storage units.

WARRANTY: Lifetime

5: Fermo Desk

Last but surely not least, let us talk about the most durable of options — an executive desk is rectangular in shape and comes with a lot of surface area and storage space. We’re talking about the Fermo Desk

Fermo is an executive range of desking, storage and meeting tables with a design that is minimalist and stylish. Measuring 900m deep, the Fermo Desk comes in options of 1600mm and 1900mm widths to fit perfectly into your space. It also features aluminium leg-to-top connections and handle finishes, making it an exquisite choice for your home office. The straight desktop is suitable for a wide range of business uses. So, whether you’re a fresher or a senior professional, this desk is an excellent option for you.

WARRANTY: 3 years