The Best 5 Office Chairs of 2021

As most of us already know, remaining seated in our chairs all day long isn’t the healthiest thing for our bodies. And with remote working being the new normal, employees feel that it is even tougher to take breaks as often. If you’re wondering whether it is worth investing in a better, more ergonomic office chair, the answer is most certainly a yes!

That said, we do realise that that office chairs are, by no means, alike. What works for your colleague may not work for you. Therefore, in this article, we discuss our top 5 office chairs to meet your unique needs.

If you need some extra help from ergonomics experts in choosing the perfect chair for you, make sure you check out our ergonomics assessment page!

1. The NV Chair with a Headrest

NV Chair

The NV Chair with an optional headrest ranks first in our list for the top 5 ergonomic office chairs of 2021. This chair is designed keeping the user’s comfort in mind without compromising on the look and feel of the chair. Available in Black and Grey finish, the NV Chair is a go-to chair for office goers and remote workers alike. Its modern ergonomic design helps keep you relaxed and focused, thus making it great for any work environment.

The levers for seat and back tilt adjustment help keep the user’s posture erect. The backrest ensures maximum flexibility and comfort while working at a desk for long hours. It also features armrests, a seat slide option to adjust the depth, a 5-star base and, of course, lumbar support.

Warranty : 3 years

2. The Duorest Ergonomic Chair

Duorest Ergonomic Chair

Duorest chairs are equipped with worldwide patented technology invented by German Physics Professor Dr Matthias Brünig in 1989. Unique to Duorest chairs are the dual backrests that vertically support the upper part of your body to reduce pressure on your lower backbone.

The dual backrests move individually with you to maintain support no matter which position you’re seated in. The Duorest Ergonomic Chair can be customised to your preference by adjusting the backrest height, depth and tilting tension. The seat is made of breathable moulded foam, making it highly comfortable to sit in.

This chair is also the perfect sustainable option, if you want a greener, eco-friendly office.

Warranty: 5 years

3. The OA Series High Back Office Chair

OA High Back Chair

If you are looking for a durable multifunction operator chair, look no further than the OA Series. This OA Series High Back Chair is an operator chair with dual levers controlling seat height and back angle independently. It offers a deep contoured seat foam for maximum comfort, helping better support your upper back, neck, and head. 

This office chair is test certified to EN1335 and is fully customisable with a choice of armrest options. It has a recommended usage time of 8 hours, making it one of our top picks for ergonomic office chairs in 2021.

Warranty: 2 years

4. The Profim Xenon Net

Profim Xenon Office Chairs

A part of Profim’s Essential Collection, the Profim Xenon Net is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms and adjustment options with the guarantee of full ergonomics at a reasonable price. Designed by ITO Design, a German Design Group, the Xenon Net was created to meet the customers’ needs of ergonomics and aesthetics.

The chair boasts unique functions, such as innovative lumbar support (SmartADLS) and armrests with pads that can be adjusted in any horizontal direction. The chair also features a breathable mesh back and lumbar support which provides maximum comfort with independent adjustment.

Warranty: 5 years

5. The Positura Swivel Chair 

Positura Office Chairs

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty operator chair for your line of work, the Positura Swivel Chair is an excellent choice for you. This chair features dual levers controlling seat height and back angle independently. It has deep contoured foams with an ultra ergonomic contoured backrest for the ultimate comfort. It also showcases height adjustable arms with sliding tops and is test certified to EN1335.

The Positura swivel chair comes in finishes like Evert Black, Evert Blue, and Lotus Black to match the style of your office.

Warranty: 3 years

With the volume of available choices in the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to find the perfect office chair. Therefore, we have compiled this chair buying guide, in which you will find answers to all Office Chair FAQs along with a few tips!