The Top Trends for Office Interiors in 2016

The days of the traditional office with cubicle spaces and departments being separated are most definitely numbered. Open-plan, creative office spaces are all the more common as businesses realise the implications a dull office environment can bestow on its staff. Technology companies like Google and Facebook are now the poster boys for businesses seeking to create a fun, collaborative office atmosphere where employees love spending their days. Read on as we discuss the top trends for office interiors in 2016.

Hiding the clutter

A typical issue in offices is the amount of wires and cables protruding from computers, phones, and various other electronic devices. This clutter can make even the slickest open-plan office look undesirable, plus it’s a health and safety hazard too! For this reason, hiding cables and wires to make desks tidier is one of the top office interior trends of 2016, and luckily, desk manufacturers now take this into account.

Take it back to nature

Recent years has seen many companies move from the old-fashioned, dull grey office interior to more modern spaces that incorporate nature, and this trend looks highly likely to continue into 2016 and beyond.

Natural landscapes and lighting are extremely appealing to humans for many reasons, and are proven to result in happier, more productive employees.

Twitter, for example, have installed ‘Green Walls’ in their offices, which are essentially a giant wall of trees and shrubs, designed to create a more positive, natural atmosphere. Of course many businesses don’t have the money to implement a Green Wall, but simple things like wood panels and flora patterns in the office can have a positive impact on the ‘buzz’ in an office.

Health and happiness

There’s a lot to be said for job satisfaction when it comes to productivity. If you’re happy in your job then the chances are you’ll perform better too.

While it’s important to maintain an element of professionalism at work, having some fun and being comfortable with peers can prove highly beneficial as employees tend to be more creative when relaxed and speaking to people they know well.

Many companies embrace this fact and install recreational equipment such as table football, ping-pong and pool tables into offices to give employees a place to recharge their batteries for whatever the afternoon throws at them. We expect this to continue to be one of the top trends for office interiors in 2016.

Along with having fun, providing a place for employees to improve their health can also be beneficial and result in higher productivity. On-site gyms, slides, or even a rock climbing wall such as Trivago’s are all great ideas you can take inspiration from.

Lounge areas

The increased usage of mobile devices around the office, be it laptops or tablets, means the days of spending 8 hours a day sitting at a desk are coming to an end. Companies are starting to come around to the fact that people can get just as much work done sitting on a comfortable couch as at their desk, and are integrating these breakout spaces into their office design.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to turbocharge your mind and come up with the next great idea, or fix the issue in a piece of code that you’ve been working on all day. Lounge areas help employees to relax while still working, creating the opportunity for creativity to flow.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our thoughts on the top trends for office interiors in 2016 and have picked up helpful tips to implement in your office. If you would like to chat, please call or email us.