This Bright Idea Might Be Our Best

As office interior experts, we’re not immune from admitting that change must start at home. That’s why we recently underwent a major bit of surgery in our Glasnevin headquarters. We changed every bulb in the office to LED efficient ones and we’ve finally seen the light! So just why is lighting so important to your office interior?

Bright lights equals productivity

Old, dull lights make people feel sluggish, more tired and less active as the day goes on, especially the fluorescent lights so common in today’s office interiors. On the other hand, psychological studies have shown that bright lights elevate people’s moods, their work rate and their overall happiness. So which state would you rather your staff to be in?

Your clients count too

It’s not just your staff you have to think about. What does the lighting in your office interior say about your brand to potential new business? Is it bright and welcoming or dull and cheap? Also, if it’s making your staff tired, what effect will it have on your client half way through that big pitch you’re making to them?

Seeing it reduces the chance you slip on it

Admittedly, it’s not the first thing we thought of when someone brought it to light (pun intended) but a well-lit office interior reduces the chances that staff or visitors will end up face first on the floor having fallen over things they didn’t see. You wouldn’t want a laptop bag to end up costing you a fortune in insurance cots would you?

Reduces your carbon footprint and your operating costs

Codex are committed to reducing our carbon footprint across our business. If we can save money while doing it, then even better. So turn your lights off when you’re not using them. Do what we did and change them to more energy efficient LED ones. And finally, try to have as much natural light as possible for both the mental and physical wellbeing of you, your staff and those visitors coming through your doors.


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