Top 5 PPE Clothing for Safety

PPE, why would you need it? Well, we can tell you that the workplace can be a hazardous environment especially if you work in the rugged world of heavy industry. In short, if you and your crew are working in an injury risk profession then you need protection. Codex has got you covered with an extensive breakdown of the Top 5 PPE clothing to keep you safe.

Hard Hats

Probably the most valuable piece of kit to deter serious injury to the most valuable part of your body! Hard hats are an essential item if you want to work on any construction site with many sites adorning signs that say ‘no hard hat no work’. Going hatless is very dangerous, doing so puts you at risk from falling objects that can cause injuries that have serious consequences such as memory loss, paralysis and even death.


Those busy hands are the breadwinners of industrial and construction workers everywhere.  Manual hands-on jobs like construction can be very hard on these extremities. the potential for injury is huge and if the hands are out of action then the work stops. Anti-impact gloves made from touch materials can limit the effect of heavy objects and chemical resistant rubber can protect from harsh chemicals can inflict bad burns.  

Eye Protection

They say the eyes are the window to the soul but on a more practical note, they are vital sensory organs that need to be protected! Welders face a serious risk of eye damage from sparks and other material thrown up from working. Gardeners & landscapers can use eye protection when they are trimming grass and branches to stop getting all that harmful debris in their eyes. 

Codex Workwear

Tough conditions need tough workwear!


The feet contain a complex structure of bones and ligaments they are more resistant to damage than hands as they carry more weight. Although the feet are stronger than the hands they are not invincible  A metal beam or concrete block dropped on your foot can easily crush it. In building sites and other high impact areas protective footwear like steel toe cap boots are a must  

Face Masks

Is not just the extremities that are susceptible to damage the respiratory system can suffer greatly. Unfortunately, its a part of the body that is often overlooked and left unprotected. When concrete is being smashed, chemicals splashed and fibreglass ruffled harmful dust and particles are been thrown up into the air you breathe. All of the particles can irritate your sensitive airways leading to breathing problems. Apart from short term breathing difficulties even more serious long terms illness can develop like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even cancer. Face masks are a cost-effective accessory