Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Standing Desk

You’ve probably heard a lot of noise about standing desks also known as sit-stand desks. How did this health craze get started? Well mainly because it is now known that sitting down for long periods of time can be very bad for your health. The list of illness associated with long-term sitting is startling. Diabetes, Heart Disease, spinal disc damage are just to name a few. At Codex we aspire to make every workplace a healthy and productive one, that’s why we are serious about standing desks. We have done our research and here is what we have found to be the most commons benefits to be gained from using a standing desk. 

Standing desk, top 5 Benefits

   1.Relief from back pain

Using a standing desk can relieve back pain.

Using a standing desk can alleviate nagging back pain

Our backs are a complex framework of interlocking muscles and bones acting as the body’s support pillar.  It can get a lot of wear and tear so it’s important we take good care of it, especially the spine and its many accompanying disks. Maintaining good posture is a tried and true method of preventing back pain, but sitting down in a chair would not be our body’s definition of good posture. Remaining seated for long periods of time causes weight pressure to be unevenly distributed over of your spine. Working while standing returns your body to a more natural position and posture that doesn’t put a huge strain on your back. 

    2.Eases muscle aches

It’s not just your back that suffers from long periods of sitting, your muscles do too. If your leg and gluteus become inactive it reduces your ability to sit up straight. Muscles become stiff and cold, the reduced mobility also has an effect on blood flow which is very important for muscle function. Standing allows your body more freedom to adjust to positions that put less strain on your body and facilitate adequate flow of blood to all your muscles.

   3.Increases circulation

Prolonged sitting reduces your circulation.

Prolonged sitting reduces your circulation which is very bad for your body.

As touched on above good blood circulation throughout the body is very important. Prolonged sitting restricts blood flow around your body particularly your legs. This restriction in circulation can result in swollen ankles, varicose veins and in extreme cases blood clots which bring untold pain and discomfort.

Using a standing desk forces your body into a continuous state of light movement which increases your circulation to an optimum level. This greatly reduces your risk of the various ailments mentioned before. You might even begin to notice your mood becoming more positive with fewer aches and pains!

   4.Reduced heart risks

Standing desks can help your heart.

Standing desks can help you have a healthy heart.

Since muscles are not as active sitting as when they are in motion they burn less fat, alarmingly prolonged excessive sitting is linked to heart failure.  The pathway to this unfortunate condition happens when the heart becomes progressively weaker and unable to pump enough blood to keep the rest of the body oxygenated and well.

High blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels can form a deadly combo greatly increased the risk of developing heart disease. Exercise is an essential part of keeping the heart healthy. These days working in an office consumes a huge amount of time and we can’t all make it to the gym. You need the next best thing for the circumstances while your working. The best substitute is to stop being so inactive in the office and abandon your sedentary routine. Working while standing is a great way to have a happy heart! 

Increased brain function is one of the many benefits.

Increased brain function is another benefit.


5.Elevated brain function

To be productive your body and mind must be in synch if the body suffers then the minds will suffer. Yes, blood low is again going to be a factor! Nutrient-rich blood (told you) must be pumped around your body this is essential to increased brain function. If you’re sitting for long periods of time blood flow is restricted that then, in turn, slows down brain function. Standing, however, can increase the blood flow to all area of the body. In doing this you get a boost to the brain that will enhance cognitive skills like focus and memory.

Take a stand

There you have the top 5 reasons to incorporate a standing desk into your work life. If you give up your sedentary work lifestyle now you can have a happier healthier future in the workplace. Get the ball rolling take a look at our cutting-edge standing desk, just click on the big red button below!