What makes a productive office?

What makes a productive office?  That’s certainly the million dollar question especially since time is money. An office cannot simply be a jumbled collection of desks and chairs with workers huddled together clanking away at their computers, follow this model and watch your office productivity crash and burn. Never fear Codex is here with some expert advice.

A productive office needs great desks and chairs

The workstation is the nerve centre of an employee’s work life it’s paramount it is as comfortable and accessible as possible.  Besides the computer, there are two essential items; the desk and the chair. This might seems very basic but it will surprise you how often these items are overlooked. The desk must be spacious enough to house a computer plus monitors and a keyboard but also there needs to be just enough clear space for a notepad to jot down notes the old-fashioned way. 


A desk must have enough space to house everything you need.

The Chair must be comfortable but not so comfortable that it makes you melt in it it’s not time to chill out just yet. Prolonged sitting for hours on end has been known and even medically proven to be bad for your health. at Codex functional comfort is a philosophy we firmly believe in, that means having lumbar support. A good ergonomic office chair can help improve posture and have overall positive health benefits so don’t stay slump get ergonomic!

Tired of sitting all day then why not check out a sit-stand desk it could change your work life. 

Dual monitors 

This is one of those things that makes you think, ‘ how did I ever cope before this?  Using two monitors will revolutionise your workflow we guarantee it! You can use multiple programs at ease at the same time, dragging programs and windows from one screen to the next. It’s perfect for easy comparison of data and graphic design works. The workflow improvements you gain are leaps and bounds ahead of single screen work, multitasking has never been so simple, still using one screen?  It’s lonely get a second one now!

Dual monitor

Have two screens can double your productivity.

Breakout area

Time away from a computer screen and the stress of the workday is a must working for long stretches of time without a break leads to fatigue stress and a breakdown of morale. TAking time out give the mind a chance to recharge replenishing the enthusiasm and creativity an office needs to function.

A designated relax area can do wonders for your office, it shouldn’t be just a plus but a necessity.  As it’s an area to relax the seating should be inviting and accommodating away from the hustle of the workstation. Soft seating like cushioned stools chairs and sofas are the perfect selection for your breakout area.

Breakout Furniture

Breakout the chillout zone.


Lighting is one of the most natural elements we need to perform tasks and yet it is one the most overlooked factors in office design.  The effects of bad lighting effects are a real factor; poor concentration, irritability low mood and even depression. The effects can also be psychical; headaches, eye strain fail to put pooer lighting in the office then prepare to fail as productivity with taking a nose dive. Try to get lighting that complements your office style there are many lighting options that could even improve your office athletics 


Alternative lighting styles can add a unique charm to your office.


Today’s modern office is a delicate ecosystem; a balance of personal and technology. More than ever we are reliant on technology that while convenient and can put a strain on the body and the mind, extra considerations must be made. At Codex we aspire to make your workplace the best working environment to make your business excel. 

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