Home Workstation Assessments are Important. Here’s Why.

People all around the world are finding themselves adjusting to the new normal of working from home. We’ve taken steps to eat clean, exercise and be mindful of our mental wellbeing. But what we might have missed is to take care of our ergonomic health. With the office being replaced by remote working, your health and productivity might be entirely dependent on how you set up your workstation. This article explains in detail what a workstation assessment is and how it can help the company and the employee perform better

What is a workstation assessment?

Let’s start with the basics. A workstation assessment or a DSE assessment is an evaluation to protect the health of employees who typically use screens. Aside from this being a legal requirement, it helps identify and prevent postural problems and musculoskeletal disorders. A competent assessor generally carries out the assessment and makes necessary recommendations to help the employee work better.

These assessments can be done individually for the company as a whole. Click here to know more.

What are the benefits of a workstation assessment?

#1 It helps reduce costs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) studied ergonomics for three decades and found that work-related injuries have a major financial impact on companies. Research has proved time and again that neglecting ergonomics can cost the company in worker productivity, absenteeism and compensation claims. Yes, musculoskeletal injuries can be painful and expensive. Ergonomic assessments, ergonomic furniture and workstations can seem like a barrier at first, but it has some great pay off. By getting home workstations assessed, you are reducing your company’s costs related to lost work time and showing your employees that you care about their wellbeing. 

#2 It boosts employee productivity

Ergonomics is based on the premise of promoting workplace health and optimising how employees work. A study conducted by The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries shows that a comfortable and safe workspace increases productivity by 25%. With remote working being our new reality, our current workspaces (if not set up properly) can negatively impact our body. As a result, we grow fatigued more quickly.

A workstation assessment with a professional will dive deep into the existing workspace of the user, the equipment used, the nature of the work and any existing health conditions the worker may have. It will allow employees to work faster, improve the quality of the work they produce and create happier, healthier employees.

#3 It increases employee engagement

As mentioned in #1, when a company implements an ergonomics plan, employees take notice. It is a very thoughtful way to boost engagement. It shows your employees that their wellbeing is still your priority, even if they are working from home. Along with keeping them healthy, it also improves morale and invigorates their work ethic.

Feeling safe and secure in the workplace is essential to every employee. So arranging a home office assessment for your employees is a great way to instil safety as a part of your company culture and values.

#4 It creates awareness

When you get a home workstation assessment done, it makes you aware of the things you might be doing wrong. It gives you solutions and invaluable insight from a professional who is trained to help you. It encourages the adoption of good practice when it comes to using display screen equipment and makes you mindful of your posture and habits.

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